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Bench press and seated bench press

fpc442010-02-02 05:02:05 +0000 #1
bench in my gym practicing general worry that the final will be exhausted when the dangerous I do not like to find someone to protect someone else I do not like to ask if I practiced sitting leveraging Chest Can as received and bench press strength of the effect of enhancing the chest Thank you
find footprints of night2010-02-02 05:17:27 +0000 #2
long as they are practiced chest, bench press fly away. No action can be like a bench press, as stimulating the entire chest. If you really do not want to practice, then replace the barbell dumbbells, do dumbbell bench press, you can barely achieve the barbell bench press results. As for the seated bench press, at most, which is used to polish the details of a secondary action, exercising the pectoral muscles as the main action is Meisha effect.

Do not like to find someone like you to protect, do not like to give extra leverage, it also practice very fun of it and want a long muscle, we should naturally heavy weight, large weight will naturally be some protection, but it was leveraging is to be exhausted, they can do a few repeated, so that can better stimulate the muscles, is an action of the high-level action.



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