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For me the issue is intertwined on slimming fitness

Kyrgyzstan your storm2010-02-02 08:01:28 +0000 #1
I am 178cm tall and weight 145 is erratic is a boy

I think I am a little bit fat, some people say that I said that I just have a little bit fat

met a very tangled issue in the end is to focus on fitness, or focus on weight loss by increasing muscle muscles

I would like to have a muscular feel smart

If it is increasing muscle fitness, if not excess fat into muscle is also considered a weight loss of

if it is to lose weight by a little more muscle would be Oxygen Bar oxygen are jogging

I only accept jogging for more than 40 minutes, it must also be annoying also heard that some people will be off the muscles that they would not

so I was entangled in a major bottom here, a little big somewhere else okay

how to do Help me
YY_4272010-02-02 08:08:46 +0000 #2
I 185 went to practice before the too thin muscle

to a long block header before bed every night, eat four eggs, a glass of milk. .

Continued for almost a year is a long muscle but also fat, a lot of long 30 pounds feel too Zhuang had. .

Now it is being cut. .

Has been reduced by three weeks the reduction of 10 pounds less than a day ^ ^

I am still eating three meals a day according to vigor eat eat fast Cheng Si. . . Because this is the only meal of the day how much will not eat fat meals, but do not hold back until the bloating. .

Noon to eat normally fed can guarantee that the evening before dinner was not very hungry

half an hour before a meal to eat an apple will be able to eat dinner when the appetite is about half the children at noon

After dinner, rest for an hour or so down the stairs walking

I am a fast walking, and about 50 minutes

3000 meters 2000 meters and then jog for 20 minutes

aerobic exercise for more than 40 minutes have to insist otherwise, such as consumption of fat each and every movement you finished it. .

And then upstairs to drink some water, but nothing can eat to restore something of the physical sitting Xiehui Er go running after the bath


must not eat more than one hour every three days to do anaerobic training less fat at the same time increasing muscle

protein and whey protein can increase muscle but you can not drink can not drink the digestion of fat they will have to eat more fruits and vegetables

There is something though these pairs of muscles block header nothing to help

but to shape muscles very helpful

YY Chu Pin Piracy shameful
Young mm11112010-02-02 08:32:28 +0000 #3
about weight loss thing, I think it is really hard to describe! Is not a sentence or two can be explained clearly!

I have personal experience and expertise to lose weight posted to my room inside, mm empty you can come take a look oh.

Access to space approach is: Use the mouse on my name at stop for a while, when prompted me space inside the box and click the article update,

hope that my experience and insights to give you point of inspiration.
Xiao Xiao children2010-02-02 09:24:08 +0000 #4
's backside, the problem Well, Oh, actually I think that no less demanding for himself,

boys ass was round, girls ass sharp natural is such a,

so you may not be the reason fat very thin ass boys are also like that,

hey, As for the weight loss problem, will not be out jogging muscle,

unless you exercise too little, when the protein intake.

I think so, boys should still strong point, He He ,,^_^,
tu19875232010-02-02 08:39:16 +0000 #5
'll tell you. If you want to lose weight is to use willpower to speak. I am a winner I used 158 pounds. Now 120 pounds .. at night looking for a small highway of people who jog for an hour ha ..
has bravely holding2010-02-02 08:44:58 +0000 #6
recommend some small movement to you,

1. neck movement: sub-leg stand, the first before the song, thrown back, reset, left turn, turn right, to surround, left surround, loop done four times.

2. Around the arm: sub-leg standing, arms on the move, forward circling four laps, four rings circling back and do 2 times.

3. Chest: sub-leg standing, arms chest level after Qu Zhen, Chin-arm after the vibration, so 4 times.

4. Transfected Sports: left and right 4 times, so 2 groups.

5. Body before the song: 8 times.

6. Body loop: The waist axis, left and right around a week and do 2 times.

7. Kick: before and after 10 times, making 2 groups.

8. Before the lunge stretching: the left and right 4 times, doing two groups 9. Lateral stretching: the left and right 4 times, doing two groups.

10. Squatting rose :12-20 times.

11. Turn around the wrist and foot: All 12 times.

12. :8-15 sit-ups, 3 sets.

13. Pushups :8-12 times, do 2 groups.

14. Relaxing activity 3 minutes.

Each exercise time should be controlled by 40-60 minutes.

Usually do some of these sports would definitely help

the same time, you can use a thin 7D called the principal may have to activate the role of leptin,

that leptin is the body, and activate the effect of weight loss can have, ah, .

Certainly very good.



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