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Is there any way the effective exercise deltoid muscle

yuanzhen032010-02-08 06:01:15 +0000 #1
Is there any way the effective exercise, especially the deltoid muscle anterior deltoid. Do not be taken to the trapezius muscle. I am now very difficult to see trapezius.
Dream Adventures of more than priority Adams2010-02-08 06:12:16 +0000 #2
Let us begin to explain the classic deltoid muscle training, and your attention to the training rules.

Rule 1: In your training, deltoid, please find out their construction. Posterior deltoid muscle from the former three-beam composition, training must not only train the shoulder of a muscle bundle, do not concentrate to do before the side of the shoulder after the different reps.

Rule 2: Dumbbell Lateral Raise is elected and the focus of the training content, training in the beginning of my shoulder two actions: a nominated level actions and dumbbell lateral move. Pushing action to stimulate the deltoid muscle of all, make it bigger to form a generous shoulders. Dumbbell Lateral Raise the development of side beams, to increase the shoulder width, enhanced visual effects. Wide shoulders with slender waist, upper body will be able to form a beautiful "V" shape.

Rule 3: The Pyramid of the training rule to stimulate lateral deltoid.

Four years ago, the day I walk outside in the gym, thinking why did not excel at their own imagination in the shoulders, while the genetic factors allow me to get a championship level of physical characteristic of the shoulder. After much deliberation, I thought I missed in training some valuable things, so the shoulders can not be widened. So I decided to use the pyramid to develop lateral laws to see if there will be changes. Using this rule for two weeks, I pleasantly surprised to find that widened shoulders, and thickening, and improved a lot. I finally broke the barrier with this Lianfa achieved great success.

I used to do 25 times 30 lbs dumbbell lateral flat lifting, 40 pounds doing 15 times, 50 pounds doing 10 times, 60 pounds to do 8 times. And then backwards to do this order, until the 30 pounds 25 times. To do two cycles, there is no break in practice.

Rule 4: Do not ignore the trapezius and the deltoid muscle after the beam. Symmetry in bodybuilding training is essential, you need to establish a coordinated symmetry of the physique, not have some parts of the body is more important than in other parts of the idea. In the deltoid muscle training, asked trapezius and deltoid muscle and the deltoid muscle after the beam energy in the beam before the beam and the match. Therefore recommended that you bend down to the birds and the inclusion of your shoulders upright rowing training program.

Rule 5: Do not ignore the joint, otherwise it will lead to injury. Shoulder the risk of injuries is to train one of the regions. Even if you do the movements with the correct posture, if the weight was too heavy, there will be risk of injury. Therefore, formal training to do two sets of 20-25 times before the warm-up elected is indispensable.

Rule 6: All of the shoulder exercises should be elected the beginning. Elected can effectively increase the deltoid muscle before the beam, the beam strength and size. I use the Smith Instruments (can also be used barbells) to do anterior elected, this is a good development in the deltoid muscle before the beam moves, and then flat dumbbell lateral move, looking at birds, and finally the boat upright.

Rule 7: The resumption of adjustment is very important. I often twice a week training in the various parts. If your shoulder is very powerful, can try to stimulate this area twice a week. If your shoulders should work hard to develop, then once a week, practicing Deltoid enough.

Rule 8: focus on the technical movement. Should be strictly correct to do every movement. Please note that I made the following moves show that serious training, you will be able to better trained in the deltoid.

Barbell elect: You can use Smith's equipment, or barbells to do this action. Barbell push onwards to the highest point, and then delegated first thoracic location. Strict control over the completion of each elected, do not go too fast, otherwise the muscle is not a complete stretch

and contraction. In the action at the bottom do not rely on the strength of a rebound from the bar to push, it is recommended to do two sets of 20-25 second warm-up exercises, 4 sets 10-15 times a formal training.

Dumbbell alternating Maehira cite: I was in the stool inclined to do this action in order to enhance resistance. This is a challenging action, of course, I have done stand up before the flat move.

Hand-held dumbbells in the thigh prior to single-handedly held before the dumbbell slowly to the top of the head-high position, control, after decentralization, on the other hand began to move. Many bodybuilders will be placed on dumbbell lateral thigh, so that when the pre-move easily leveraging, desirable. Deltoid isolation exercises for the anterior bundle, should be placed on the thigh in front of dumbbells.

This action did three groups, each 10 1 15.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise: sitting or standing can be. The beginning of dumbbells on the front of body, and then slowly raised to the sides, to the arm parallel to the ground. Then deltoid muscle in the beam to be completely tightened. Then control the weight slowly flat. This action easy mistake is to use the weight of too much, resulting in the peak contraction can not control the weight.

This action made four groups, each 10-15 times.

Bent birds: with the former flat, like to cite, you can do in the oblique bench. Prone position on the inclined bench, holding dumbbells hang at the side of the body, to dumbbell lateral move, and as far as possible after the show, and then restore the control of decentralization. Many people do this action has been too hasty, we should pay attention to controlling weight. If you do not make dumbbells reach a sufficient height, it would reduce the right deltoid muscle after the stimulus beam.

This action did three groups, each 10-15 times.

Upright rowing: You can also use dumbbells to do this action. With the barbell to do a better control action. Straight-arm holding ring at the front, grip distance of 10 cm. Then to keep the barbell close to the body, slowly pull up to the nose height, to restore. To do this action, many people do not reach a sufficient height, and no delegation in the end. Decentralization in the end in order to better stretch the muscles. Bell put the rhythm when you pay attention to controlling and maintain the trunk upright, so that the main training subject to the maximum muscle stimulation, and promote its growth.

This action did three groups, each 10-15 times.

I wish you success!
Beyu Amada2010-02-08 06:50:39 +0000 #3
deltoid muscle in your training before you find out their construction. Posterior deltoid muscle from the former three-beam composition, training must not only train the shoulder of a muscle bundle, do not concentrate to do before the side of the shoulder after the different reps.



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