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asd81331852010-02-08 06:01:52 +0000 #1
I am ready to go to the gym this winter engaged in a month, to open eyes increase leg strength and explosive power. There are upper body strength, what a day, eat something nutritious it? [Early in the evening] we all eat to help me to talk about what the answer Fortunately, open eyes and 100! ! ! ! I am anxious! ! !
fairy-ray's2010-02-08 06:07:55 +0000 #2
I'm also the gym for fitness, coaches usually say in the foods are eggs, eat only eat egg yolk, milk, beef, and so on, and now on the market by selling a protein powder , and directed at drink, very effective, but the price a little expensive, many fitness people are drinking the protein powder.

Recommended, morning, four eggs, a packet of milk, pasta according to individuals; noon, 2-3 eggs (only eat egg white), about a pound of beef, the staple food of personal evening, two eggs (only eat egg white) 1 jin about beef, the staple food of personal, note; if it is training the muscles, the starch of eating, try to eat high-protein foods. sleep before the milk is necessary. If it is to drink protein powder, and only taking protein powder is sufficient.

May not be very reasonable for reference only -
ear sing love songs2010-02-08 06:41:40 +0000 #3
nothing to eat, president of the muscles, because muscles without strain, is not natural growth, that is what we call the muscle increases, the only is through anaerobic exercise the muscles to fatigue, muscle glycogen consumption to a certain extent, and then intake of substances such as proteins and amino acids, so that the muscles are repaired and nutritional supplement.

On the example you are a person's work, and let you do two people live, the first day you definitely exhausted, then the next day you will call one more person to help you dry, then you competent, and on the third day known as you Dry four individuals live, then you call back again more than two individuals to help you, the muscles as is the case, did not reach a fatigue limit will not increase, and the so-called growth, nor is it the extra muscle cells, but rather strain of the muscle cells through drastic changes to supplement and repair become stronger, which is what we call the muscle circumference increased

I suggest you exercise more, able to do so to participate in fitness sports bar. Pay attention to studying nutrition.

Correct eating vegetables, to help you grow muscles

To increase muscle, you must first increase the dietary intake of vegetables. Low-calorie vegetables, can provide many of the daily diet lacking in nutrients, such as cellulose, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

In fact, most bodybuilders are aware of vegetables in the diet plays an important role, but due to various reasons, many of them in practical application, the consumption of vegetables is still far from sufficient. First of all, bodybuilders only attaches great importance to the protein, so that other nutrients are ignored. Once the exercises are requested daily intake of one gram of protein per pound of body weight, combined with sufficient quantities of complex carbohydrates, under difficult for him to eat anything else. Second, the vegetables cook up relatively trouble making those who exercise often ignore them, but also self-comforting food has been good enough.

Our latest conclusion is: if you want to achieve the best possible level of health and exercise to achieve the greatest progress, or at least eat two cups of vegetables per day (approximately equivalent to two small bowl). This helps to improve immune system function, improve digestion, and stabilizing the body's energy levels, all of these benefits are in the body's recovery and growth play an important role.

From vegetable cellulose obtained virtually all vegetables are rich in cellulose, cellulose is a kind of hard to digest carbohydrates, is also a need often overlooked bodybuilding nutrients. It will not bring additional calories to the body, but also has significant benefits for muscle growth. Its role is reflected in two aspects. First of all, to make carbohydrates more slowly into the body, the body's blood sugar levels will be maintained at a certain level. If the blood sugar level stable, the body will release large amounts of cortical hormone, which is a metabolic hormone, not only will break down muscle, but also increase the recovery more difficult. Second, the cellulose can help the absorption of amino acids. It can maintain a clean intestinal wall and increase work efficiency. Same time, this is also beneficial to the absorption of proteins.

From vegetables to get vitamins and minerals

for each high-intensity exercise, fitness athletes, need to consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, many people believe that relying solely on vitamin and mineral supplements combined, will be able to meet the body's needs. These supplements do have a certain role, but they can not replace natural food diet in the whole structure of the infrastructure. You need to add enough vegetables, which are contained in the complex components contribute to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. These complex components also promote meat, cereals, and even sports supplements in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Bodybuilding nutrition is not just a few simple numbers, not simply calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat stack. Good nutrition program will not need to look beyond simply stare in the main nutritional composition. Further improve the muscle recovery and growth state, a number of minor elements can play an unexpected role.

Get other benefits from vegetable

the latest scientific research confirms: Vegetables contain lycopene, plant hormone, anti-oxidants, carotenoids, as well, including immune support, including, many metabolic processes play an important role of sulfur-containing compounds . Muscle recovery, can not do without the strong support of the immune system. Failure of the immune dysfunction, not only to restore will be affected, muscle growth will slow down, and then high calorie and protein intake of no help. Therefore, in order to known and unknown reasons, you should be enough to add vegetables.

Eat a variety of vegetables and

many bodybuilders eat one or two vegetables, spinach is often not cauliflower. This is a little more than eat, or eat much better, but if further increase the species, the effect will be better. All types of vegetables you like, and even some types of vegetables you know have little to add to your diet to go. Such as: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, green bean sprouts, mushrooms, onions, peppers (various colors), spinach and pumpkin.

Must meet the minimum intake you should eat two cups of vegetables per day, the total can be divided into three tons or more. Along with vegetables and meat is a good idea.

For example, you can eat meal broccoli, cabbage to eat the next meal, finally replaced by the green bean sprouts. Advance in the fridge to keep some vegetables to spare, you can also mix several different types of vegetables for human consumption, or buy frozen pre-mixed with a good package. This helps reduce the cooking time, and increase the types of vegetables.

Let vegetables help you shaping

If you are restricted diet, reducing calorie intake while still eating enough food, vegetables can help you find one. During this period, the consumption of vegetables increased to 6 cups per day. When the calories significantly reduce the time, it is important intake of vitamins and minerals may also be affected, this time, low-fat vegetables can solve your urgent needs. They can relieve your hunger, you could not help myself to eat to prevent those who should not have to eat food.

So that the promotion of vegetables and exercise

certain vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage and so on, because it contains elements of plant components, can play an anti-estrogen effect. This is very useful for bodybuilders, because the low estrogen levels can help reduce body fat and water retention and improve the level of testosterone. Therefore, when the daily exercise, there must be regular consumption of vegetables, when the excessive exercise, or fatigue should be a corresponding increase intake.

Make vegetables even more delicious

Many people do not like to eat vegetables, unless there is a cooking method that would enable them to become even more delicious. Off season, you can saute with olive oil, add some sauce, put a few slices of low-fat cheese, or Jiasha La sauce. In the control diet period, you can add some low-calorie condiments.

Green Food

If your exercise program has not yet reached the desired results, you should consider adjusting diet. Eat more vegetables are commonly used to adjust one way. Compared with proteins, vegetables and the role of the bodybuilding protein and carbohydrates may not be so remarkable, but was able to play the role of some proteins can not.

Multi endured lean meat, beef, fish, chicken, sort of high-protein foods, which prohibits direct intake of fat!

Adhere to is to win!

Will win!



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