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I am a fitness approach is right or wrong? I really want to better muscles. Fitness expert or health

Hate gambling2010-02-08 07:01:04 +0000 #1
Fitness two months, I now have my family (multi-function folding sit-board / health web fitness equipment with a dumbbell-Cord), but I'll use it to do 30 sit-ups with dumbbell kg, 60 kg strength of arm device

7 am

20 push-ups (times) x3 Group

sit-ups 20 (times) x3 Group

10 kg dumbbell made four moves I do not know what the four movements called embarrassed the 15 (times) x3 Group I was doing standing dumbbell of 20 push-ups

1:00 (times) x2 Section

Sit-ups 20 (times) x2 Section

60 kg strength of arm device 10 (times) x2 Section

22:00 Push-ups 20 (times) x3 Group

sit-ups 20 (sub) x3 Group

60 kg strength of arm device 10 (sub) x1 group of

10 kg dumbbell made four moves I do not know what the four movements called embarrassed the 15 (sub) x3 Group I was doing standing dumbbell in

there will be (multi-function flat bench dumbbell bench fitness chair) good or

two months ago I was tall and 1 meter 79 tall and weighing 72 kilograms is 1 meter 77 weighing 69 kilograms why my height is less by 2 centimeters?

Screw Clockwork Bird2010-02-08 07:06:29 +0000 #2
novice fitness is characterized by fierce ... fierce in spite of everything, until they found little, warm and rapidly declining.

The key to muscle growth when the time is not a movement, but rather a break, you have given enough to stimulate the muscles necessary to give him enough rest time. Otherwise, how they grow meat then?

You this training program to stimulate enough to spend a high frequency may be helpful for muscle endurance but not the benefits of circumference, persistent fatigue, but also inhibit growth hormone.

To buy equipment is very simple, yoga balancing ball, they can do birds, they can do bench press, the price is also cheap, bird stool can also choose to pay attention to the height and angle adjustable stool birds, rather than flat bench.

Stimulate the muscles to a stimulus in place.

Example, the composition of supine birds + bench press super-group made five consecutive super-group.

And then climbing birds + super group composed of high-leg push-ups, continuous five super-group.

Chest rest a week, so as to more effective and longer muscle呀.

An exercise will not take more than an hour, you are not Superman, exercise too long a time to resume, however, the easily lead to damage of proteins.
Lonely Purple Angel2010-02-08 07:36:43 +0000 #3
Under normal circumstances, this will not happen, even if there is, there will not be as much as 2 cm, I think there may be a time when the amount of your first error too. Recommended to do dumbbell flat.
QQ2543087302010-02-08 07:36:19 +0000 #4
refrain from rash, I C,, focus on eating, you have to eat very much to eat its own fat can be a long muscle, so crazy last time I engage in a few days and found that hand has been acid, is now suspected of is a problem with bones = =
blankly know2010-02-08 08:28:34 +0000 #5
training is very important, we must be careful not to too much training, the muscle must also be recovering, but also with nutrition supplement Caixing呀,
sunyixi12010-02-08 08:19:58 +0000 #6
mention a little The proposals were my coach warned me

you'd better be able to separate from your current training program and training arm strength

for example, the morning of the afternoon practice exercises lower back exercises at a weekly cycle of leg power output is too large if you encounter can be asked to gradually reduce the 10 % but we can not break up until the just, or according to a practice area to practice every day so that you can make exercise part to relax and relieve fatigue Buzhi Yu



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