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Keen to relax after the event must promptly do

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Why do finishing exercise after exercise?

Is because the purpose is to organize the activities of the body by the tension in the gradual transition to a relatively static state, its significance no less than preparatory activities, not optional. because of intense exercise, the heart is an efficient working condition, suddenly stop after exercise, the heart continues in a short time in accordance with the needs of vigorous exercise a lot of blood will be transported to the upper and lower extremity muscles Lane, this time due to sudden movement stops, lower limb muscle contraction and no longer have a "pump" effect, causing the heart to return blood to reduce the brain, instead of getting an adequate blood complement, but also under the influence of gravity, the original brain the blood will rapidly flow to the heart, resulting in a temporary anemia in the brain, so there will be black eyes, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and even collapsed the phenomenon we call "gravity shock." vigorous exercise, therefore, do not immediately stopped Instead, we should continue to jog a distance, and then do some deep breathing exercises or minor. This can prevent the emergence of gravity shock, on the other hand but also conducive to compensate for movement owed under the "oxygen debt" is conducive to fatigue recovery.



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