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I ask how old the old 60-pound dumbbell in 5 okay

Sunshine girl 1232010-02-08 07:02:06 +0000 #1

duanfang223982010-02-08 07:10:32 +0000 #2
If this is the beginning of exercise, then do not use a heavy dumbbell, easy to muscle strain, the best comparison with the 5kg dumbbell Well, low weight can do several sets of training can, and should be carried out step by step exercise, exercise can increase the weight of a period of time, the best that can be freely selected demolition of dumbbells, in that case was easier to use.

a pair of light - , and a pair of medium, a pair of heavy. This will ensure that the size of the muscle in your body can be fully and effectively exercise. To decide what you should buy multiple dumbbells, you can use your biceps to do flexion and extension movement (Sit cite a single crook of the arm) to test their suitability in the company. 1, select the dumbbell weight, you have to use it non-stop continuous 12-second single crook of the arm move. 2. Be able to shake hands and each one made a move to Bend. 3, if you can do 12 times or more, indicating dumbbells are too light, if I can not explain heavy dumbbell. Is only just able to do 12 times, 13 times already feel reluctant to do the time, which was exactly the weight dumbbells, these pairs of dumbbells in the company as a medium dumbbell. 4 medium dumbbell weight basis, minus 2-3 pounds, you can choose a lighter dumbbell. Dumbbell-based medium to increase 2-3 pounds, you can choose a heavier dumbbell.
lyontall2010-02-08 07:30:15 +0000 #3
can be no problem



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