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I'm looking for an aerobic exercise weight-loss plan,先谢a

Voda is a liar2010-02-08 08:01:39 +0000 #1
I am tall and 170 women 28 weight 80KG Who gives a reduction of aerobic weight-loss plan is mainly the stomach and appetite also thank the waist
zqm60885222010-02-08 08:16:04 +0000 #2
In fact, the best sport is jogging and brisk walking a day and a half hours or more. Running can be thin body, the finish should not drink water after half an hour, because that time is the best time to burn up the fat, a drink come to naught, there is a must eat breakfast, lunch, control bar, dinner, fruit is best to replace the , before going to bed four hours what is the best food is not enough detail of the bar touched the key is to insist that I have fat to lose weight, I also
Old Skull Bing Gege2010-02-08 08:41:12 +0000 #3
minus the stomach can do sit-ups, and Twister, losing weight if needed rather a long time, so jogging with the throttle can be adopted at the same time you can exercise cardiopulmonary function. The number and timing can be based on individual difference after the first little more than step by step, even a two, as long as there will be progress made.



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