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At the gym to practice how thin the entire leg?

middle of the night is still2010-02-08 08:02:11 +0000 #1
I was mainly hips and big boys thick leg was very troubled
various states of ill2010-02-08 08:14:22 +0000 #2
I have experience in the gym treadmill speed of the first tune into the five brisk walking pace of 5 minutes and then transferred into 8 began to run a start, if could not take 10 minutes to grit one's teeth on Xianpao adhere to a gradual increase day by day, this process takes 30 minutes to 1 week in this week you probably do not see results you can see the effect of half of my previous pair of jeans to wear 34 now 29 The other is wearing can not eat too much pasta at that stage do not drink milk because it will help you grow muscles to remember not to run for a while to give up or take it into a short-run errands but will not be fine to go after the rough finish 5 minutes or 3 minutes stretching stretching the muscles you see the person running a marathon sprinter who lean muscle do a great wish you every success
panjun352010-02-08 08:38:05 +0000 #3
Do not eat greasy fried foods, if you want to lose weight, then after completing training, etc. 1.5 hours where not to eat on the trip, and so after a 1.5 hours eating, eat less points, ensure that you have the results. Cold drinks, beverages do not eat, run three times a week, first 3 minutes of brisk walking hot-warm-up, and then run 4-5 miles, about 40 minutes finish, finish will be hungry, eat two bananas, two eggs, and then remember than a half-hour not to eat anything after 8 pm so do not want to eat, in addition to water, if possible, doing the push-ups, sit-ups, chin-up, squat, a part of daily exercise. If the Pao Budong so on brisk walking 60 minutes. Running too fast legs will be rough, so jogging. Basically 3 months to see results, and remember to adhere to



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