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Which sports bag for sale at lower prices how to say in English

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Which sports bag is at a discount?
Crystal Ring predictions2010-02-08 09:33:20 +0000 #3
and customers to bargain is almost inevitable thing, a direct say no to salesman is estimated that very little, so you should fully explain to juggle.

1. How to say the minimum consumption of

While the menu are marked with the lowest consumption, unless the want to be fired, or customers ask themselves, must be respectfully answered "I'm afraid the minimum charge for any first order is ¥ 100" ( Our minimum charge is 100 yuan), but can not say: "on the menu, looked and you do not own?!"

2. How do I refuse to cut prices

If there is no room for bargaining, attitudes, though must be firm, but the tone was still to be very tactful: "We have but one price, sir." (our fixed price) or "Sorry we can't reduce the price, sir." (I am sorry, we can not reduce prices.)

3 . How do I refuse to tip

If you shop provisions can not accept tips, you can politely refused Customer: "It's so kind of you, sir. But we can't accept your tips" (you, Sir, very good, but we can not accept tips)

4. how do you explain the high / low price

penny, a sub-cargo. If a customer complained that the price is too high, you can say: "We have cheaper products if you want. But value depends on expense." (If you like, we have cheaper goods, but a penny, a sub-freight.)

5. how to say

Now installment installments very popular, so learn to say: "You can buy them by installment."

41. how to interpret the installment

should be explained: "You pay a down-payment of five hundred dollars, and then, within a year, one hundred for each an every month." (you can deposit and 500 yuan, and then within a year to pay 100 yuan per month)

6 . How do I receive money

If it is paid on the spot payment, you may use this sentence: "Could you pay at the Cashier's Desk?" (go to checkout for payment.)

7. How to Keep the change

the following sentence to live for everyday: "Thirteen dollars and twenty cents from one hundred dollars leaves eighty six dollars and eighty cents. You might see if that''s all right, sir." (close your 100 yuan, less 13 per 2 Kok, should be looking for you 86 yuan eight angles, the number of points the next.)

8. how to open invoices, receipts

something to sell, they are not everything is all right, invoicing, give a receipt, looking for small change is consistent operation, a "Here's your receipt "after, do not forget to say thank you.

9. How wrong the money to do

Who has a wrong time, then attitudes must be sincere: "I'm very sorry for the mistake", and then say: "Here's the right change." (This is to find a few of your small change.)

10. the standard pay way

When a customer asks you: "How much will this be" (how much?), you can say "Just a moment, please. I''ll calculate that for you. "(Please wait me see.)

11. explain the tax and service charges

customer's concerns about multi-service fee for the service charge (there are tax rates in foreign tax rate), your description must be unambiguous: "A 10% service charge have been added to your bill." (the bill has added 10% service charge.)

12. how to bargain

If you are willing to cut prices, you can use however to turn the tone: "However ,..., we can give you a discount." (However, due to ... ..., we can give you discounts.)

13. How do I favor regular customers

pairs of regular customers can be said: "Ordinarily we sell them for one hundred and fifteen dollars, but I''ll make a concession. "(we usually sell 115 yuan, but you can offer.)

14. How do I to a new customer discount

pairs of new customers it can be said:" I can manage to give you a discount of ten percent, deeming it as a kind of expenditure for advertisement. "(to you nine fold, as a publicity bar.)



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