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How do lean muscular legs

¨ Rotaryひo Lv2010-02-08 09:02:00 +0000 #1
I have been kinda thin ... is the calf muscle-type .. .. I do not particularly good-looking skirt Ganchuan the amount of -! -! Good people ... Is there any way envy lean muscular legs, the amount of -! -! I am a high school ha -! -! Experienced people to help help
shadow dark shadow of blood2010-02-08 09:11:43 +0000 #2
Do you like me is also a victim of lower leg muscle-type groups.

I heard the bike can be thinner thighs, but heard can reduce the muscular legs, but if you do first before the ride more exercise, there may be effects of it, but I live at the school, not tried. Some people say that wearing high heels can be thin legs. But I think high heels are injured foot, so you can high-heeled for peace at the end of the wear.

Lean muscular legs, and the most important thing is to do the work relaxation. You can not stop rubbing front of Xiao Du, to a little harder, hand will be sour, but to persist, persist in the legs feel hot, after Caixing.

Can also use the beat or hammer calf approach.

It seems looked, it still felt the best rope skipping.

In the rope skipping do first before the massage, rubbing his hands wrapped around legs up or down, about 10 minutes, and then in rope skipping, step by step jump, the increase every day until you feel is your limit so far, can not avoid a sudden excessive movement.

Able to do so, you can bubble bath bath salts, etc. fully soak into the lower leg massage to relax after work. Massage action can be from the bottom up, from the leg after the leg side before the side distortions, about 20-30 minutes.

There is a need to control diet, to eliminate snacks, adhere to an apple a day, there should be multi-vitamins and protein, to protect the calf.

I'll give you looked for something, you look at it, find convenient, useful, you try.

1 Hing Wah Street West foot upright with the books and pads out of a stage and stand on his toes. Maintain tight waist, his eyes look squarely at the front. This action not only to exercise the calf muscles and lower back strength, also has hip and shaping Tunxing effect.

Exercise: Dian Qijiao tip to keep a group of 30 seconds, each time to do 3 groups.

2, single to keep the same in the "steps" on top of one hand on the chair back, one leg bent, toes pointing to the ground. Movement after fixation, forced Dianqi Jiao sharp, deep breath to maintain the action. Note that action process will focus on the force area, waist tight balance.

Exercise: 15 seconds for a group of right and left legs and shifts in all 3 sets.

3 Hing Wah Street West foot contraction will get a dictionary and other heavy objects in their hands, legs open with the shoulder width, slowly raised his heel to the limit position, then a slow reply in situ. Gradually accelerating the adoption of "fast from slow-release" the frequency of repetition to do this action. This process, the body should not lean forward in an effective control method is to forward his head twisted to one side rather than being in front.

Exercise: 30 times for a group, each doing three groups.

4 stride squat stand, arms cross-stacked in the chest. One leg forward a most. Foreleg bent 90 degrees, bring down the body center of gravity, knees bent legs to want to touch the ground level. To maintain the position a second or so, get up, but the span between the legs to keep the same, repetitive rise and fall action. Note that the body center of gravity in reducing the knee when the front legs to not more than tiptoe, the focus should be placed between the legs, body to keep upright.

Exercise: the movements for the test of leg strength and explosive large, please within their means. Under normal circumstances about 10 times is appropriate, the exchange of the legs can be done two groups. Hing Wah Street West to 5 feet

that is sitting in a chair to complete, "Hing Wah Street West foot contraction" of the movement, and its advantage is that movement and the work can be carried out concurrently. Fitness coach suggested, OL every 1 hour or so, they should be taking the 1 minute time to do this action because it is the Office of the most basic exercise. To enhance their effect, it might be a dictionary and other heavy objects on his knees.

Exercise: 40 times for a group to do a day 5 groups.

6 squat legs open with the shoulder width, arms bent stacked placed in his chest, slowly squat until the knees bent 90 degrees, try to keep this position for more than 5 seconds. Course of the campaign to relax the waist, not to help hair strength. Do not stick up the buttocks back another - a good way to do the movements back against the wall, buttocks do not touch the wall in motion.

Exercise: 15 times for one group, three groups is appropriate.

Stretch VS Shujinhuoxue

7 Stretch toes sitting on a chair, his legs bent, knees close together, his hands clinging leg ring. Forehead on his knees, to keep the natural breathing. At this point let toes as far as possible Bengzhi to maintain about 30 seconds.

8 lift toes to maintain a constant movement, toe hook back and use his hands to his toes as far as possible to pull back. Course of the campaign to maintain ankle relaxed. Similarly, to maintain about 30 seconds. Test a low

9 bent legs and feet close together, looking down, as far as possible to the thighs close to the upper body, hands and legs can help lower body fat Fuzhu force. This action could be extended throughout the lower body's meridians, please try to keep more than 20 seconds.


Pace VS detoxification beauty in her to write such a book: "date suggested a 10-minute massage before, you can make legs thin 2-3cm." Massage calves really have the effect of magic we dare not guarantee, but Massage eliminate toxins is to rely on proven workable. YOGA museum's senior coach tells us that this is the easiest of the SPA, their own at home can be completed.

10 stroke of the hand attached to his hands around the Achilles tendon, his hands alternately moves upward stroke. With both hands to do a total of 10 times.

11 twist rubbing his hands palms close to encase calf muscles, twist your hands to rub and continued until all the heat up until the calf.

12 tapping fingers are intertwined, and was bowl, from the ankle began to rhythmically pound the legs with both hands, until the calf muscle relaxation

Ps: in the decision to start training before, you first phenergan feet, you are planning based on expenditure the thickness of the legs, then no amount of traffic from time to time again to see if there is no effect.

Haha, we all work together, we must uphold the oh!
a998002010-02-08 09:31:12 +0000 #3
muscular is a good type



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