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GU Jian wines2010-02-08 10:01:09 +0000 #1
I'm going to participate in physical examinations, including the project are: 1,000 m distance run, solid ball.

I ask, how should these two exercises? Please give me a specific exercise program, for example, medicine ball exercises that piece of muscle, how exercise? Thank you, there are huge sums of money relative to Xie
520howard2010-02-08 10:13:07 +0000 #2
Hello, strength is the basis for all sports, first of all tell you that push-ups on the human body chest shoulders upper abdominal muscles have a very strong stimulus is definitely a physical training good project. In addition, I am delighted to see you the importance of exercise science. To give you a plan: to push-ups divided into 4 groups, each group 15, each interval between 1 minute to do the movements slow when starting to slow down, so that the muscles will always maintain a state of tension. In accordance with my request is completed, if you can continue to do so you put in each group increased to 20 times, but not sad to increase the number of groups. Suggested that, when doing push-ups trying to put his hand on both sides of the upper and lower body in different positions around you will feel your muscles in different unknown force.

Abdominal muscles are the body parts of a worst practice, because in everyday life every action, there will be involvement of abdominal muscles, so it's anti-fatigue have been far higher than other parts of the body. To maintain exercise 5 times a week is the most scientific, because the muscle tissue after exercise can be repaired even after the molding.

Are here to remind you that the abdominal muscles on both sides of lower abdomen, upper abdomen is divided into three parts to practice the outcome will be better. And you plan is divided into four groups is a very scientific training methods, each interval of 60-90 seconds.

Action songs are mainly leg sit-ups sit-ups kneeling chest-abdomen sitting knee leg raise leg raises hanging leg raise, and so supine.

Of course, we still need more running



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