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What kind of collagen Well?

yoyo78992010-02-08 11:01:48 +0000 #1
What kind of collagen Well? How to pick it should be ---


the weather is good dry ah play a role with the collagen protein, right?
Securityん2010-02-08 11:13:46 +0000 #2
Select a small molecular weight of the following day hee hee I was eating the bird's nest collagen Health America because his family is less than 1000 daltons molecular weight below 500 Dalton on average you can try

right Collagen is the role of the replenishment to the wrinkled skin beauty whitening of the
ytrewq1682010-02-08 11:28:15 +0000 #3
how to choose collagen?

Collagen protein in bone health for beauty and there are very many benefits, many people want to buy some eat to see results, but given the numerous brands on the market, a wide range of collagen protein products 1:00 dazzled I do not know which product to buy more good? Select collagen product is a very troublesome problem, the following say a few words to choose to buy collagen.

The first step, first select the regular manufacturers. Qualification to see whether the information is complete? Whether the processing plant is up to standard (usually through GMP certification workshop)? Inspection reports on the test project is complete? Qualified manufacturers of product quality is not very different

The second step, look at the use of raw materials. The best choice of fish collagen. 1, the fish hardly have received environmental pollution of raw materials, there was no mad cow disease, swine flu and other issues; 2, the fish collagen is closer to the body's collagen, the body more receptive to fish collagen protein; 3, the fish collagen protein activation temperature lower 10 ℃, while the pigs and cattle activation temperature of about 35 ℃, so the fish collagen is more conducive to physical activation, absorption, in particular, should choose to do mask the fish collagen, because the facial lower temperatures.

The third step is to see product packaging. As far as possible choices are independent small package, that is, each eating a pouch, so to facilitate health. Great packaging is opened each time to eat in the air will be subject to bacterial contamination, but also easy to absorb moisture. Then the tablet and capsule packaging a good thing? If the intake of a day for more than 5g of pure collagen protein can also choose, but I am afraid to eat more than 10 tablets a day to reach 5g measurement of it, this time to add a month how much money has to taken into account!

The fourth step is to see product quality. 1, collagen protein is a small molecule active peptide, molecular weight in the 3000D the following best and most conducive to absorption. 2, the better the quality of smell and taste of the smaller collagen; quality, the better the more clear and transparent aqueous solution of collagen, the best collagen solution is colorless and transparent.

Fifth step is to see the purity of collagen. Some of the products after compounding, the collagen protein content of course they did not 100%, then need to account for about a packaged product in the end with the number of g collagen protein (collagen protein content does not mark the product I advise you not to buy, even the How many are afraid to mark your content says that his product content can be high?), pure collagen protein intake per day is 5-10g (note the pure), which is derived after extensive clinical data, so the must choose a daily intake of pure collagen product to reach more than 5g.

Sixth step, more than the price. From the above calculation out of the net content of collagen to count price ratio, to see if the same g-which is more expensive, this is a problem I do not mean what more to say.

Recommended Run to children 100% pure fish collagen protein, collagen protein content of 100%, absolutely pure to add the fish, the molecular weight of less than 3000D, cost-effective high collagen.
hydesun5182010-02-08 12:10:58 +0000 #4
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Tokgo Survivor 22010-02-08 11:28:10 +0000 #5
recommend you choose a relatively high profile brand, I use Elodea Swedish fish collagen powder, they are belonging to one of the top ten brands of collagen, a good reputation, you can also try specific that they can go to consult the official website.
Blue painting language2010-02-08 12:48:27 +0000 #6
collagen protein to be active low molecular weight of the better and more easily absorbed by the body.

In the selection of collagen when the first selection of the activity of low molecular weight collagen protein, collagen protein also want this to be no side effects, no hormones, no preservatives, pure natural.

Collagen protein is the main component of skin, known as "skin and soft gold", is the main supporting structure of skin, "glue" the skin cells, protein content accounted for 71% or more. The same is also the maintenance of skin and tissue and organ morphology and structure of cells to repair the damage of an important raw material.

Enough collagen to plump skin cells, so the skin moisture filling, showing compact flexibility and moisture, which should keep the skin smooth and delicate, and make fine lines, wrinkles stretched, to effectively prevent skin aging.

Human skin from the age of 18 in the loss of collagen protein every day, to the 40-year-old in the skin collagen in the remaining will be less than the required 40% of normal, while the loss of collagen may lead directly to the skin relaxation, aging , dull, loss of flexibility, so replenish collagen protein is very important.

U En beauty serum collagen protein powder 100% of the United States into the goods, raw materials, 400 meters deep-sea fish extracted clean, pure natural no side effects. Without adding any preservatives, no hormones, safer and healthier lives. And its main raw material is the collagen protein activity of low molecular weight, and more careful with the use of more easily absorbed by the body, its main effects are: Deep Water Lift Lock faded, fine lines / wrinkles / spots and restore skin elasticity, prevent skin aging, so that MOISTURE thoroughly white skin from the inside. En excellent beauty serum collagen powder in accordance with our Oriental complexion and skin, in particular, by adding vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, grape seed skin benefit factor, so that the skin from the inside thoroughly white MOISTURE, more healthy.
Continued fighting2010-02-08 12:44:06 +0000 #7
normal eating foods containing collagen, such as fish, we still need more exercise, I used Mary Kay vitamin essence collagen, very good
Seven drizzle2010-02-08 12:09:24 +0000 #8
recommend that you use the top ten collagen, I used the Elodea Swiss brand, they are peptides, the molecular weight of less than 3000 Dalton, more than a good oligopeptides, oligopeptide in the body of a short time, the specific I do not understand very well, but I used the effect is Well, now fair-skinned, and are particularly vulnerable to the makeup, if there is anything they do not know how you can call toll-free



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