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Winter sports, the latter back pain - how could it? How govern?

White worship White2010-02-08 12:01:47 +0000 #1
Previous lumbar muscle strain before, not the past, the hospital optimistic about it. Sometimes in winter, when strenuous exercise on the pain, as the same should be opened, and then had 10 days just fine. . . Is not a pain every winter. . . 3 years of high school a year and this year on the pain. . . . How can something ah? ? ? What kind of medicine? ?
wwwjrb5212010-02-08 12:15:52 +0000 #2
medicine slowly and do something bad to make such as sit-ups exercise bar must not be too drastic slow-moving with a good rest next spring on a winter because of the better of the
borrey2010-02-08 12:49:02 +0000 #3
chronic treatment can. You can usually find someone to help massage the next. Can be very painful when the acupuncture method.

Remember that after the movement, must put before the event opened to the waist, and, after exercise must remember changing clothes, bathing.



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