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For three days without eating, running six hours a day can thin a few catties?

happymable1232010-02-08 13:01:30 +0000 #1
I am a female, you want to lose weight.

It is said that for three days without food, cut down only the water body diminished. But I want to run six hours a day, or doing other sports during the day and exercise for an hour every hour for three days only on water. Be able to do thin? Be able to cut more? ? Thin body do?
Xishui Dolls2010-02-08 13:11:19 +0000 #2
Honey, legend Louis Koo used this approach, three days lost 30 pounds, do you thin about 20-pounds should be similar.

However, Guizaijianchi, we must uphold the End of 3 days.加油!
batista12010-02-08 13:20:51 +0000 #3
This method of their own poor health, it is best to take more exercise can be a
Boxing Dance2010-02-08 13:59:15 +0000 #4
certainly thin point, but it is likely to "thin out" ill, for three days without food No, ah, hey, losing weight should be is a protracted war can not do so for health cost!
quanzhixian5212010-02-08 14:47:05 +0000 #5
have a good living habits, more exercise! This is not good for you! ! Diet, for three days without eating less not much! Perseverance of the most important! !
Wang Jia Xuan 19942010-02-08 15:24:36 +0000 #6
Do not like too much damage in the body is best at night is not worth eating a little bit more than usual playing baseball one can do a walk run a long tiring easily make calf muscles just do not always sit well for himself after eating a little on the No matter what kind of pressure on the pressure because there is pressure Yehao the recipient's consumption is 8 times under normal circumstances! This case does not rise no matter how much meat to eat I have personally experienced:)
zmr20102010-02-08 14:26:12 +0000 #7
to do so detrimental to health, the daily amount of exercise should not be too much, can guarantee 2 hours a day or so, persevered pretty good, must be normal to eat three meals a day, or will be sick. To think health is important or not important to eat thin.
Viola_ki2010-02-08 14:03:15 +0000 #8
would be particularly evident in pounds lean almost do not want to eat, if still suggest that you do not drink fruit juice Whitewater to the contrary, it would be more effective point of nutritional control are the best for each campaign within 45 minutes
Columbia kick the lonely2010-02-08 15:04:30 +0000 #9
according to your own circumstances. If you own fat, then congratulations you have, the effect is clear, thin a few catties I do not know. If you own medium-sized, it can also be thin so 1,2 kg. Also be able to see them. I have a classmate like you would have played a similar approach. If itself is very thin, TU, I think you would not come here to ask. Would also like to remind you that to do so, so weak that a long time. Moreover, the body also can not stand. Or wish you succeed in weight loss!
Scotland xu2010-02-08 16:51:00 +0000 #10
my colleagues and I have is people who want to lose weight. But the grip has never taken drastic means. Weight loss is a protracted war, as you are so cut down, it may, but weight is reduced but it is easy to rebound. Ate in this respect should also have some control. More vegetables and rice, but also to ensure that nutritional intake. Do not eat dinner, which is the key! Suggested, do not enter after 5:00 pm. Movement is of course to sit, but you really exaggerated six hours a day, you can start half an hour. Day by day, slowly increasing it, not insist too strongly. You can 16:00 to 6:00 during the best time for exercise. This is my own experience, I now weight is reduced 78 pounds. I hope you can use. Also hope that you will successfully lose weight as soon as possible. However, with your thin species that is certain! Three days to six kilos of probably Wujin bar. Can choose to eat apples. Do not just drink water. The body of water too. Reduction in body weight were not evident.
The five know that2010-02-08 18:15:00 +0000 #11
sister, Louis Koo can choose not to eat you do not replace fruits and vegetables to meals such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. together with a lot of hungry and ready to eat fruit you can eat them there do not forget you can eat eggs

If the movement can best be running meters of running around the playground be able to run laps to run up a 1.1-point increase the amount of laps
Primary Three SDJDLD2010-02-08 14:57:00 +0000 #12
be able to lean more than 10 pounds ... ... but two days later on the back part of the president ... ... no eat drink weight loss results are not long-term ... ... I had also tried, but then I gym coach said, eat or drink for weight reductions, and so long to come back soon you eat, but if it is sports, then there will be some the effect of weight loss, but you have only three days, although a great amount of exercise, but still not enough ... ... ... ...

I am out of high school basketball game to play three pairs of three a day, eight games in the summer, very hot day, been cut by 10 pounds ... ... but soon came back to eat meals that rely on surprise ... ... weight can only be changed within a short time of light ... ...



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