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Who can give me a fitness professional sports to lose weight prescription

End If sweet2010-02-08 14:01:03 +0000 #1
I in the gym to do a card

but how to think the coach of the program is too simple?

As long as an hour Xianpao like it?

I is

22-year-old, 140 pounds, 1.62 meters

combination of L-carnitine + Movement

targets lose 30 pounds a month because of a special reason

related to my life

and even give up their jobs this month, the full weight loss !

So, a little strength, but I still have to give it a try!

Thus, even without success I have to spell it


programs give me the devil bar! ! ! ! ! !

I have only 50 minutes,

must be able to be reduced to 100 pounds, where I will personally thank you for your! ! ! !
zuqiuwangzi72010-02-08 14:09:28 +0000 #2
because this is no quick fix to. . . . .

If you really want to slim down so fast, it can be to eat breakfast, go jogging, preferably outdoors, I suggest you start Do not run too long, would be unconscious for. Slowly increase the running time, because people began the day in the morning sugar in the body the least time, this time to go running is the easiest weight reduction, but it's very hard to accept, after you have tried to know, because that consumption of physical strength is usually several times, so that on the big fat consumption, but now it is winter, the effect will be compromised. Also, go to the gym need to do abdominal muscles, I believe that your fitness instructor will teach you, as well as you wanted to sauna, but not for too long, keep in mind what can not be excessive. If you are really bent on reducing them. Give you out of a Henzhao, do not say that I am inhuman, this is a fitness professional who is right, they fit a week before the game that can quickly cut a few under 10 kg is comes out of this. You can in the last few days, more running, do not eat any thing, do not shake the water to drink, is really the loss of too much moisture, they signed with the cotton, accounting for some water to their lips, and then finish the steps again sauna. The last few days so, sure you can slim down, though. . . . I really do not recommend that you do have a lot of determination and perseverance. . Even possible will ruin your body, if you normally good enough health to say.

The most important include the absolute can not eat high-fat and high sugar things, so how do you thin is not all down to practice.

Also depends on your congenital physical. . . Some people are fat, do not rise up, some how less difficult reduced, let alone a short time. . .

Hope that my comments help to you, what other problems can ask me. As for himself even, and I abroad. . . .
372,637,6152010-02-08 14:09:48 +0000 #3
month 30 pounds ---- wow --- grab ah - the body would be bad, it still felt good point --- aerobic exercise to lose weight jogging it, at least 30 minutes at night eating spots, usually less eating high-calorie, and do not drink --- gradually come to - ha - or there is a good way - that is - or can not be said哈哈---
Yi-Lan Ice2010-02-08 15:07:38 +0000 #4
Fitness method, fitness effects, may be divided between men and women

but the pursuit of health targets, there will be no gender differences.



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