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Mr. Lei Zi 9112010-02-08 14:01:30 +0000 #1
I 67KG 176CM senior peacetime exercise can also play, but nearly half of the regular teacher for a long time Wo PubMed belly of the He He started to leave equipment on the dumbbell to prepare for this thing and thought they should have enough bar objectives: training the chest, not only to train large, but also practicing thick, slightly lowering the stomach and then deltoid and thought on it. Yes, I would like to know that I fit about how much weight training dumbbells. Please do not from the Internet COPY, if you know where to have free communication platform can also be, in addition to that PT studio, forum, group the like can be looking forward to answer, reward! ! ! ! ! !
guolpyy2010-02-08 14:14:52 +0000 #2
1: reduce fat and increase muscle can not be carried out at the same time, increasing muscle against resistance is mainly anaerobic exercise, reduce fat is a long duration of aerobic exercise intensity for the main. by muscle should eat, Fat Burn to eat

2: large practice should practice thick chest, a pair of dumbbells is not enough, unless you have 50 kg more than the dumb-bell, the most suitable for muscle growth, weight, is a set of standards for the completion of action under the weight of 8-12, for example, do dumbbell bench press, using 30 kilograms of weight can only do 12 the next, then this weight on the most appropriate, and this was your own to try

3: Do not count on just over a month's time, by pairs of dumbbells can be practiced well, tell the truth it, even go to the gym two months time, there will not be much change. muscle growth is very slow, body-building are to in years as a unit, rather than on

As for the action plan, mainly dumbbell bench press, dumbbells, and birds, these two actions is the best chest exercise movements, requiring bench press rack (not on the fight with a few stools together, you can sit on the trip)

deltoid muscle movements are elected dumbbell, dumbbell lateral flat move, the former flat move, looking at the posture of their own birds

movement in the image and video search engine, try to look at more. Baidu bodybuilding paste it, Top affixed to all of the fitness movement, is dynamic map



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