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Biceps do not seem to continue to uplift the

LOOK0052010-02-08 15:01:55 +0000 #1
my biceps with dumbbell training, training of 2 months now cited the specific I do not know how much weight, I also can not afford to give more than 10 times. I would now like biceps do not continue to uplift, and uplift the degree is not much look. Whether it is should be tempered with the same kind of approach has been useless? I just flat quote. I was a high school students, practicing, this should be no problem, right?

If the incumbent, a training method should be how to do? Existing tools is a dumbbell.
Game Ren rooms2010-02-08 15:15:04 +0000 #2 D3% CE% 91% EF% F4% 81% BC% E4/album/item/c500283336debe37eac4af1b.html

http:// /% D3% CE% 91% EF% F4% 81% BC% E4/album/item/7afb02415e8dbf3f9213c617.html

these are two more classic moves, biceps are small muscle groups, Each group is best done exhaustive to stimulate the number of times in the 15 to 25 times better direct comparison

Also, is the hand pull-up can also stimulate the biceps



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