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Who I set a home fitness program, I have a 10KG dumbbell, and a fitness ball.

bloody young2010-02-08 17:01:52 +0000 #1
I mainly want to practice very upper body
Spring little girl2010-02-08 17:11:35 +0000 #2
gay male or lesbian?

Think it is no use gay fitness ball is mainly practiced Flexibility of

dumbbell good run, or go to the gym with a different fitness program does not require a specific

as long as you have at home, even 10 minutes or half an hour can be an action in general practice

according to their own circumstances of each movement for each exercise 5-10 times a day persist in 5-7 Group

I can help you find ways dumbbell fitness

This is a more comprehensive You can learn so rarely practiced all especially you is 10KG dumbbell is estimated that you will be out soon oh

there is to do push-ups in this exercise is very useful oh

hope you can persevere
poke you look at2010-02-08 17:18:34 +0000 #3
I I suggest you do outdoor sports, not just look at you and that dumb-bell and fitness ball, such as playing basketball



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