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90KG weight, height 174CM, I want a good fitness program

Haig-Li-Si 810,6282010-02-08 18:01:55 +0000 #1
Sanda I've learned not to practice for 10 years longer fat, seeking their good fitness program and eating a package together
66Kenny77 Shenhua2010-02-08 18:15:35 +0000 #2
Best physical phase thin thin sheet allows you to keep

"physiological cycle of weight-loss techniques," quite scientific, but also do not have a long-term dieting, not to advocate a long-term do not eat sugar, because sugar makes the body oxidation, constitute a chronic disease . Almost no extra to spend any money, it will not rebound, only need perseverance and patience, I believe the words down JMs can insist will be able to see their effects.

The best physiological period of downsizing in Table

1, weighing an empty stomach every morning, recorded, and record the main diet of three meals a day in order to weight or weight loss rebound effect of a good time to view, more conducive to sum up and control diet. Even think this is quite important.

2, MC must not diet during the period, so that is not conducive to health.

3, MC, after getting up the next morning, after fasting to do a quarter of an hour or so stretching exercises. On this day do not need to diet down. But do not eat too much high-calorie foods are deep-fried kind.

4, drink plenty of water, blood circulation will be significantly faster, and better able to help the body of waste exclusion. Water enters the body after the kidneys, the body of water is necessary to spend a lot of calories and then excreted.

Physiological period of downsizing Quadrilogy

a song - thin stranded in the calculation of time period of

: MC after the start of the first 1-7 days

physical performance: In the MC came, due to decreased secretion of luteinizing hormone, you start to boredom, depression, feeling of pressure, often unprovoked depression, temper. If this period of lack of sleep, fatigue, easy to the eye pigmentation appears around the short-lived; MC coming Diersanri, the skin becomes very sensitive to lowered immunity, you may experience physical pain, mood is often bad, and then coupled with reduction in hormone secretion, the skin becomes extremely dry, the pores become thick, this change is usually after the start of the menstrual Disi Wu days will naturally disappear.

Weight-loss success indicators: ★ ★ ★

accelerated weight loss program:

1, this phase of the proposed exercise time is 3-5 hours per week.

2, do not try to diet at this stage or the super weight loss exercise, but rather be aimed at "shaping" on. MC is also the beginning of a good time to shape the body-building body, while the excessive dieting may easily lead to dehydration but not less fat.

3, you can choose a gentle hand movement, such as simplified tai chi, Pilates and so on.

4, if before doing fitness exercise you still feel annoyed, jog, jogging, slow-skating are all helpful.

Health Weight Loss Recipe:

1, although relatively weak physically can not eat too much, can eat plenty of iron-containing food and can improve the absorption of iron in plant protein.

2, shall be prohibited alcohol, and spicy, hot foods, such as pepper, green onions, garlic, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and barbecue fried foods.

3, not eat raw and cold foods, such as a variety of cold drinks, cold dishes, raw fruits and so on, so as not to poor blood circulation leading to lower extremity edema.

4, Eat sour foods, such as a variety of pickled cabbage, plums, plum, green plum, lemon and so on.

5, body and face will have a slight edema, so do not eat salty food. Eat magnesium, B vitamins in foods such as bananas, animal liver, and so on, make metabolism for the better.

6, drink water, to supplement the lack of water in the body.

Love Tip:

this stage, your weight loss exercise intensity and time should not be excessive. While avoiding the need for skills and response capacities to participate in sports, like tennis, squash are unsuitable, they can easily give you a result of errors in mood swings.

Episode II - weight-loss peak

time calculation: MC after 7-14 days

physical performance: Women generally MC on the 14th day of ovulation, the female hormone secretion started to decrease after the peak, while the progesterone secretion begins to rise . Female hormones and male hormone secretion strong, it will speed up the body of carbohydrates, fats, protein absorption and consumption, so the week before ovulation is the best time to do aerobic exercise. This is your best time of the month feeling, both emotionally they are physically very dynamic, like sports and challenges.

Weight-loss success indicators: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

try a variety of interest to aerobic exercise to accelerate weight loss program


1, exercise frequency kept to a day or the next day 2 hours a week at least maintain 7 hours of exercise.

2, the most effective way to lose weight exercise than a private fitness trainer to help you develop an exercise program to lose weight, let him know your menstrual cycles, during this time he will let you reach the ideal state of motion and weight-loss goals .

3, running, swimming, cycling, sports are particularly prone to consume calories, for those who want to lose weight is the best choice.

4, this time you can try a variety of interest to aerobic exercise, such as aerobics, Latin dance, ballet and so on. Because this time of your physical strength and acceptance are the best, not to exercise is simply a waste.

Try to reduce high-calorie, high fat food intake

Healthy Weight Loss Recipe:

1, which is a very easy to gain weight period, or bad if you can not get the heat of decomposition will be quickly converted into fat accumulates in in the body, so to minimize high-calorie, high fat food intake.

2, eat some food help digestion and metabolism, such as melon, celery, Lianggua and so on, can accelerate your weight-loss process.

3, it is recommended that you can develop a one-week diet plan so that they are in the 7 days, while maintaining adequate nutrition intake without fat in just 7 days, both easy to uphold, but also perform more efficiently.

Trilogy - thin flat fast calculation of time period of

: MC after 14-21 days

physiological performance: a week after ovulation, egg strengthened the role of hormones, but because luteinizing hormone secretion increased, the skin condition will be the unstable. During this time you will not have any particular feeling, but the physical period of the previous week's problem is brewing, you Increased sebum secretion, melanin activation may be president of acne, but your feelings may become more ups and downs, sometimes calm and sometimes impatient.

Weight-loss success indicators: ★ ★ ★ ★

accelerated weight loss program:

1, and now, but a favorable weight-loss period, although the effects may not be as obvious as the last stage, but still get a good weight-loss results. Proposed JMs week exercise time to keep in 6 hours or more.

2, treadmills, aerobics, and some equipment exercise can help you burn calories during this period, while the tennis and ball exercises are the best option.

3, if there is no time to go to the gym, you can choose a weight-loss means skipping a day, morning and evening dancing under the 200 or more, the effect is obvious.

4, the best rest day to go outdoors to use long-distance running, mountaineering and other remarkable endurance aerobic exercise on fat and calories are the excellent consumption.

Do not overtired

Healthy Weight Loss Recipe:

1, in order to prepare for the advent of the next MC to enhance iron and protein intake.

2, eat high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat flour, brown rice, oats and other food. Adequate intake of high-fiber foods, can promote estrogen discharge, increasing the blood levels of magnesium.

3, in between meals to eat walnuts, cashew nuts and other foods rich in B vitamins that help adjust the MC and calm nerves.

Love Tip:

an appropriate aerobic exercise at this stage may continue, but be careful not to fatigue, causing muscle damage.

Quadrilogy - Slimming slow departure

time calculation: MC after 21-28 days

physical performance: progesterone secretion in the first three weeks since a peak began to decline from the first 4 weeks, the first 20-24 days can be more time to do aerobic exercise, but the first 24-28 days, exercise time, frequency, intensity should be gradually decreased. This time you feel more complicated, the early energy fairly strong, but it later fatigue. Due to the impact of hormones, body very active endocrine luteinizing hormone, while subcutaneous fat caused by active, physical or mental condition began to unstable situation in the face will be oily and acne, this time you be going back to the initial physiological state of the.

Weight-loss success indicators: ★ ★

to continue the previous stage of aerobic exercise to accelerate weight loss program


1, you can proceed with the previous stage of aerobic exercise, but also need some strength training, sports time can be maintained at around 3 hours per week.

2, swimming, entertainment like strong, competitive, strong peace movement can be your moods, relieve premenstrual syndrome.

3, it may be a day for 30-minute yoga practice, you can make your body soft, calm mood, while the right posture can promote pelvis stretch the blood circulation, reduce swelling, and dysmenorrhea.

4, if you prefer the gym, it would lose no time each day (at least 20min) to DDR, rowing machine, treadmill a go.

Health Weight Loss Recipe:

1, MC cramps the previous week's diet should light, digestible, nutritious, and adequate intake of protein. Eat more meat, eggs, tofu, soy and other protein-rich foods to supplement the nutrients lost in menstruation, minerals.

2, this time you will feel greatly increased appetite, this time without deliberately dieting, as long as remember do not eat snacks and fried foods, eat supper before going to bed on it.

3, eat green leafy vegetables and fruits, but also the water in order to maintain smooth excretion and reduce pelvic congestion.

4, a few days after at this stage can eat some appetizers, digestible food, such as jujube, noodles, barley porridge and so on.

5, not eat salty, so as to avoid the body's salt and moisture storage capacity increases, there edema, headache and so on. Suggested that MC cramps seven days before the start to eat low-salt foods, the symptoms will be greatly reduced.
Deer Men2010-02-08 18:49:37 +0000 #3
Fitness The most important thing is perseverance, which is first need to clear.

As for the fitness program can ask the gym coach

re-purpose is to make it clear to what extent this will help uphold the

As for the specific practices and health to exchange their more appropriate arrangements for two days off a week

Fitness Every time I go to concentrate focus on the principle of stimulating a

a part of abdomen, chest, legs, back, shoulder it is the division of a plan based on three legs, two small muscles properly interspersed training in the appropriate large chunks of

should first learn well the coordination of development is beneficial to the overall development of

2 the first three are also very important to determine your arm strength

If you stick to a certain stage of the can try more advanced training programs, but to first lay a good foundation is very important

still breathing group number too difficult or do not want to shape Each action can be large 3-4 each action three groups each of 8-12 months or so long blocks to the number of large weight may be less stimulation or the appropriate weight to speed up moves


you reward too small

talk 1:00 pm

give you a nutritional information bar

sweat before and after the food is still learning

a normal speaking, the movement before intake of rice, bread, noodles or fruit ... and so digestible, high carbohydrate and low fat foods, as a movement of the energy source. Although some high-fiber foods (whole wheat bread, high-fiber biscuits) are also rich in carbohydrates, but because of high-fiber foods take longer to digest, easy to process in motion cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and should therefore be avoided to eat before exercise high-fiber foods. Some people will be in motion to feel dizziness and fatigue, it is because stimulation of insulin secretion by the sugar, which was originally to maintain a normal blood glucose response, but because of exercise the muscles will use more sugar than usual, I suggest you In the exercise five to ten minutes to eat sweets or sugar soaring index food (bread, sports drinks), when the campaign began, insulin will be inhibited and not be able to quickly respond to the elevated blood glucose, and not have occur in the situation of low blood sugar. End each exercise 20 minutes before re-feeding, should be more to add meat protein, milk and egg white, and drink plenty of water to row out uric acid. In addition, it is recommended to eat carrots, papaya, tomatoes and other Persian dishes β-carotene-rich yellow-green fruits and vegetables not only help the development of the chest muscles, but also can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer (10 million men do not think that the door no distress and risk of probability) Oh!


in order to cultivate a decent instrument has a sexy chest and ditches prominent lines, the following actions as long as the shining properly trained, you can easily achieve the desired effect. Recommended each day to do three or four groups, each doing 12-15, the force, when exhaled, relax when you inhale, and may in accordance with the normal breathing rate of individuals to regulate the movement for its own rhythm. A warm-up before exercise, cardiopulmonary exercise absolutely essential, stretching after exercise is absolutely necessary action, since the establishment of an appropriate degree of flexibility can increase muscle strength sophisticated range of motion and can exercise next bigger and bigger, had performed very well. No matter whether you meet the standard definition of Metrosexual, have a healthy body physically and mentally every sportsman is absolutely fundamental to the service can not be ignored. Carefully set up according to the monthly training uno theme: abdomen, hips, back, waist and chest, in order to swap the next day The way cross-motion upper and lower body (abdominal exercise can on a daily basis), take it seriously enough, if carefully, about after the insistence of a year later, sure that we can see the wonderful achievements of the body-type sculptures, fueling La
q4452462492010-02-08 18:20:05 +0000 #4
do you still run move?



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