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How can we gain weight ah

sylzmb2010-02-08 18:02:02 +0000 #1
I am very thin, 14-year-old, 173cm only 105 pounds, measuring over bone age, saying it was earlier the age of three, did not know I look thin and this is a relationship, but I'm still relatively large strength, muscle But be very hard, and sports have been very good, a variety of projects results are good, especially the long-distance running and football, that is particularly thin, thin girls is very looked down on the boys ah? ... Well ... depressed. About training the muscles more than six months, and are using dumbbells and doing push-ups, it now appears that some effects, not all bones, but the feeling still was not as effective, and I still thin compared to other students too much, with a total sense of muscle grown very slowly, and often feel too tired to exercise do not go, I often Lianwan up on the up, and over what it feels like the next day not, sometimes to 22:11 o'clock excited exercise, feels better results the next day would have some pain. Do not know what could be a little faster muscle length method? ? ? Or how to eat to gain weight more? ? ? There is a constitution is not to say some people this way, the fat is not up?

de-Bu Bu丶2010-02-08 18:05:05 +0000 #2
fat, it is like to eat them! Chi Pang were re-training muscles ah!

Otherwise, bad Tempered muscle ah!

Waiting for you a little fat to control your appetites and this is essential otherwise, is also flesh

First of all you have to practice are not necessarily the strength of

doing the leapfrog upper staircase, jumping push-ups sit-ups are essential

Some of the muscles and than their individual practice because the muscles are too many different way of training in peacetime movement

So, we should get excited about the positive point

you are good at football I think it needs relatively less body, after all, is not a professional basketball

I think that the training of the muscles is very a good bounce against the exercise the muscles are sore because the muscles inside

the mitochondria produce the energy release of creatine

This is a normal phenomenon but also because the muscles do not meet the physical strength of

can not be changed is not fat, I must take the winter to eat other sports bar opened began in the spring refueling Bar

hope that can help if you are not satisfied you can ask me again!
Bamboo Wind Ye Ye2010-02-08 18:42:50 +0000 #3
Eat beef, eat one meal of rice to ensure you have not finished 3 month fat
g10237987412010-02-08 18:14:32 +0000 #4
more to eat less exercise more water



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