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Sky Lanterns Production Methods

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Sky Lanterns how to do
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A. with the paper cutter to cut bamboo to the thickness of 3 mm or less, and then bamboo bent into a circle, with cotton or 502 glue fixed. Flexible bamboo, bamboo ring may not be round, you can bake a roast low heat to make bamboo ring fixed into a round.

B. scrap wire with needle nose pliers to remove the outer insulating layer can be thin copper wire. However, the wire can not be too small, or easy to burn out, you can use three wire twisted together to avoid this problem.

C. with tissue paper cut into the specifications shown in the figure. Will be the first paper on one side and the second side of stick together, and then the third, fourth ...... followed by the same Zhanshang Qu, until makes up an air leak at both ends of a diameter of about 60 cm globe. and then cut a circular tissue movies, so the above paste to live an empty circle. to be dry, the balloon Inflation, looking for a thin and narrow bamboo, bent with the same size of the hole below the bamboo ring, the two mutually perpendicular cross bamboo circle of fine wire, and fastened in the bamboo ring, then bamboo ring Zhanlao hole in the following Paper edge of the balloon can not paste into the leak

D. copper wire tied to bamboo ring at both ends, then do a good job in the bamboo stick shade ring. In the copper wire on the tie of cotton, dip on the alcohol, can be airborne after a fire. Updating and not too small, would be difficult to rise to heaven.


choose sunny windless night, one light at the end of Hold the left and right side, another person will be cotton wool soaked with alcohol after the fire, until the hands are updating and there is an upward trend, that is, slowly release your hands, then slowly Sky Lantern launched into increased height of up to 1000m or so.

Off procedural recommendations:

Sky Lantern's production method is simple, but the launch is subject to space and the impact of the weather than the Suan big. Easy to light when the wind blowing oblique Ershi body lights body burned, body lights when it rains will be easy to get wet can not fly, it is best to take the time to release in the absence of wind.

1. First light body has softened, and in four weeks on the control line and bottom line.

2. Filled with fuel.

3. Ignition, it will bring down the air intake in order to reduce heat loss, they must not be too low in order to avoid lack of oxygen flame. At the same time of four weeks to straighten the line of control.

4. Heat until the lamp body's temperature enough to heat after the four weeks slowly release the line of control in order to maintain a steady increase in light body, while the bottom of the control line must control the light-up the speed and height.

5. Ball off-line after you can control the height, direction, can be allowed to freely float, bringing the launch to complete



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