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Would like to ask a little question about fitness?

I is not scared is not disturbing their sleep2010-02-08 20:01:04 +0000 #1
Which will give me a report on the fitness of a number of recommendations and advice, to organize better, the better the more detailed the better!
liliang Liangliang2010-02-08 20:08:28 +0000 #2
My 21-year-old 170 cm 122 kg .20 months ago was 110 pounds and you almost, I am now running four times a week, each running 35-40 minutes, Remember, finish the 45 minutes before drinking, otherwise no effect. do push-ups every day from the beginning can only do 5 common to later booster heels do, are now able to do a hand, and now also insisted. Sit-ups are also adhere to a daily, running and sit-ups with training the abdominal muscles. Arm strength prior to training devices, 50kg No one from the start what to do later 50, was not practiced. Tension spring, reaches pull-four did not practice, and five with not pull up. Has also been skipping winter and summer vacations to do bench press training pectoralis major. Now three times a week to practice it stays parallel bars, welcome to practice before the body upward, reaches what to do after 17 do not practice, it was a train back muscles. At the same time I pay attention to add protein, drink 2 packets per day to three packs of milk, eat eggs, beef and other meat, the protein needs of half an hour after exercise more than their grasp, before going to bed drink a packet of milk, sleep, after a When protein synthesis, so add something. With refueling bar!
dsaewq741102010-02-08 20:08:04 +0000 #3
It depends on what you have a fitness goal is to lose weight or to increase muscle or just simply want to keep fit and healthy ah

fitness according to the actual situation of your own to set goals do not understand your situation can not tell What advice would you
Min Zhong Qing2010-02-08 20:32:59 +0000 #4
fitness in order to obtain a good result, receive the correct advice and information is necessary. Based on this point, you can check what the following statement, and to apply them to health practice.

1. In order to achieve to enhance strength, increase muscle size and muscle lines describe the purpose of a common mistake is to view the different training methods to be used. In fact, if you use multiple sets of each exercise 8-15 times in France, each be exhaustive, and constantly adjusted to increase weight-bearing, you can simultaneously achieve three goals progress.

2. Plenty of water help to improve athletic performance studies have shown that 10% of the body fluid loss can lead to a 30% decline in exercise capacity. Do not let this situation happen to you!

3. Do not rely on supplements to ensure that nutritional supplements can only be used as a healthy diet nutritional supplement. If you use them as a major source of nutrient intake, on the one hand spend a lot of money, on the other fitness program also prone to errors.

4. Fat is not the enemy in today's "talking about the mere mention of fat" era, many people have excessive fat intake concerns. In fact, you should pay attention not to excessive intake of saturated fat, while the healthy and beneficial fats (Omega -3, Omega -6, linseed oil, etc.) should be a daily intake. Of course, you should calculate fat calories in the diet plan.

5. Carbohydrates are not the enemy if you are being implemented in low-sugar diet, may feel is not good. Carbohydrates are the brain can make use of only energy, but campaigns also need enough muscle carbohydrate energy.

6. Carbohydrates is not a culprit in obesity, regardless of how advertising, said carbohydrates does not make you fat, but fat is the source of excess calories. If you participate in sports and do not diet too, you can eat a lot of carbohydrates does not increase body weight.

7. The protein is important, but can not be too superstitious protein low-carbohydrate diet led to another reason. Although the restoration of protein for muscle growth is crucial, but excessive intake can interfere with the digestive process, increase the burden on the kidney, but it is the kinds of inefficient energy source.

8. The strength training exercises is the best way if you are just one weeks time to exercise three times, then the weight lifting exercises is the best choice. As long as the appropriate training intensity, and the ever-increasing load, you can achieve growth of muscles and the body to maintain a high metabolic rate, burn up the fat and improved aerobic capacity (but limited) purposes. Jogging only can effectively enhance the aerobic metabolism, but there is not much role in the improvement of muscle.

9. Multi-vitamin to ensure the nutritional gatekeepers Although nutritional supplements can not replace a healthy diet, but taking a daily multi-vitamin can guarantee all the necessary nutrients the body.

10. So that the muscles are three ways to build muscle contraction in three ways: reduced muscle length, lengthening muscle fibers, maintaining the length constant (in the weight-bearing conditions). In the exercise, you should be allowed to experience all of these three kinds of muscle contraction, with a slow, controlled movements with the completion of exercise.

11. The use of heavy weight exercises, but to ensure that the quality movement because of the use of the weight of too big to move out of control is not desirable, but you should still use in training re-load as much as possible to complete the planned number and frequency of the group. This usually means that a group of 8-12 times be exhaustive. If you can not be done under the premise of the right action eight times, it should reduce a little weight, so there is spare capacity should be 12 times heavier.

12. A small amount of increase is also effective, or of equipment is usually heavier barbell at least 5-10 pounds (2.4-4.5 kg). The latest research shows that increased ,0.5-1-pound can also help you to overcome unknowingly platform for growth and progress.

13.3 better group than a group of exercises on to do a great deal of controversy whether the growth of muscles, but the practice has shown that a group is not enough, but a group of warm-up to do after the two effective groups have been repeatedly proven good results.

14. Note that a sign of overtraining, muscle soreness and fatigue often felt, training, enthusiasm faded, loss of appetite, sleep well, these are over-training, physical reaction. This should alert you to reduce the amount of exercise, so that the body be restored.

15. Aerobic exercise is an excellent investment in addition to item 8 in the cases referred to, no one should ignore the aerobic exercise. It not only can improve heart and lung function, but also to improve blood circulation in the capillaries and muscle (for muscle growth benefit), while people feel good.

16. That done all a good start is half the success. If you can convince themselves to the gym, you will always do some good exercise. To cancel a planned exercise, they often can be a cessation of exercise to start.

17. At home and exercise equally effective exercise is the key conscious. If you have a desire to improve the physical condition, you can place in any campaign. Family training methods are very popular nowadays.

18. Training partner helps, whether at home or in the gym, a partner can give you great help. He could provide security for you so that you trained in with more confidence, but also add to your exercise fun and motivation.

19. Once, when life began to insist that any exercise is not too late. Once you start, and Do not give up.
oo53532010-02-08 21:45:01 +0000 #5
you do not have any information, we dare to give you suggestions and advice? Too much beef in!
Good hold not off2010-02-08 20:35:52 +0000 #6
and then increase the weight training is to maintain the correct technical movement of long muscles is very important.



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