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Qing Geige better detailed fitness program

exstasis22010-02-08 22:01:54 +0000 #1
my 25 years old, height 173, weight 147 pounds. Already at work three years time, daily office, and often goes out socially, that is to drink them. Currently often feel sleepy, tired, sleep was not very good, physical resistance is not very good. Sometimes at night and the parents went for a walk, take a 30 minutes to 1 hour is not very tired, feeling normal heartbeat is still relatively fast (80-84 per minute, below). To do chin-up can only do one push-ups to be a 4-6 fail at others are not tested.

Now I want a fitness program, do not want to go to the gym that is the general fitness projects will be better to say jogging, push-ups, sit-ups, chin-up like this.

My goal is to do regular exercise, the purpose to achieve physical fitness, as well as an appropriate increase in muscle strength, especially in the waist and arms.

Also, my daily 8 am - 6 pm to go to work, I guess that morning exercise is not very realistic night time exercise. Exercise is very tired after a general tired feeling good or better.

Thank you, and not to online plagiarized.

town son of the city god2010-02-08 22:04:18 +0000 #2
You should be in the gym, I'll give you the gym that can be used to do sets of plans, our hopes progress can help you get exercise.

The best way to aerobic training + plastic little weight

more than a reasonable number of strength training + diet control.

1: Food Program (reference): Eat small meals often slow down the pace of a meal!

Breakfast 8:00, skim milk, 250ml, amount of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread 2, egg white 2

snacks 10:00, 1

Lunch 12:00 bananas, the staple food 75g, meat 50g, vegetables 150g, fruit snacks moderate

15:00, juice cup

Dinner 18:00, staple 50g, vegetables and 150g, fruit and moderate

weight loss vegetables: tomatoes, celery, leek cabbage, Chinese cabbage cucumber lettuce

weight loss fruit: apple orange peach

bodybuilding food: boiled potatoes, corn, coarse grains, oatmeal, apple orange banana peach juice, a variety of vegetables, beans, milk, yogurt, lean beef, fish, eggs, chicken breast (to yolk)

There are at least 8 glasses of water a day (about 2000 milliliters )

2: aerobic training program (reference):

jogging 4-5 times a week. every 50 minutes or so. 4-6 km distance. heart rate control 220 - your age x60-

70% (that is does not affect the normal running when the strength to speak)

3: Strength Training Program (reference) to dumbbell-based, training the next day

1. skipping warm up 5-10 minutes. 2. stretch target muscles

3. 2 Action 90-120 seconds rest between. 4. 60-90 seconds rest between the two groups

Monday chest Training

(1) Dumbbell bench press 12-15 times x4 group

( / 2005/11/17/0000199967.gif

(2) dumbbell birds 12-15 times x4 group


( 3) push-ups 15-20 (sub) x4 Group

Wednesday back training (1) Single-arm dumbbell row: 12-15 times (times) x4 /

(2) The wide grip chin-up :6-12 (sub-) x4 (able to do so)

(3), narrow-grip pull-up :6-12 (times) x4 able to do so)

Thursday shoulder. Abdominal Training Day

(1) standing dumbbell-elected 12-15 (sub) x3

(2) standing position Dumbbell Side-ping Ju 12-15 (sub) x3

(3) before the flat dumbbell held 12-15 (sub) x3

http:/ /

(4) bent knee give 15-20 (sub) x3

(5) oblique abdomen 15-25 (sub) x3

(6) "touch-toe" 15-20 (sub) x3

http:/ /

Fri-day leg training day

(1) Dumbbell squat (holding dumbbell squat on both sides of the body) 12-15 x3 Group . com / v? ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 8 & word =% C9% EE% B6% D7

(2) dumbbell squat 12-15 x3 Group shear 2005/11/17/0000200025.gif

(3) sprint 50 meters X4 times

Saturday: 23 Training Day

(1) Sit back rest: 12-15 times x3 Group


(2) posterior arm flexion and arm posture: 12-15 (sub) x3 Group / 2005/11/17/0000199906.gif

(3) overlooking the legislative arm flexion and extension: 12-15 (sub) x3 Group

(1) Boo sitting curl: 12-15 (sub) x3 Group

(2) standing dumbbell hammer curl 12-15 (sub) x3 Group

(3) Seated alternating dumbbell curl :12-15 (times) x3 Group

qd8141372010-02-08 22:26:18 +0000 #3
through you to the information - see - you are now in the majority of city people are in sub - health -

To be honest in your portrait of this age like you physically - is a relatively poor state of the -

Of course, if you insist on exercising the words - such a situation would quickly turn for the better ---

And, when you start to exercise just the beginning to the heart from the body - will be more resistance - so I hope you can adhere to exercise ---

In fact, as early as eight nights 6 --- can be sooner or later, once the exercise -- - but after all, you never exercise - and is now in - in winter - summer morning exercise is more suitable for beginners to adapt to the -

If - I mean the morning if you can - if tempered - could be try - does not work, then I am up bar exercise program on the Elimination of like the - the beginning


the morning if we can up - 8:00 to go to work - preferably 5:30 up -

jogging for 15 minutes - be able to run much - all depends on your own - in general - 1500 Mi can be a -

in jogging the money to do the best warm-up activities - activities to the joint - a time when the general school physical education taught at all times - under the basic activities like - because it is jogging -

in the evening after jogging - can be stretching -5 minutes - activities to relax the muscles ligaments --- -

to do some simple high - leg lift - and leapfrog - a high leg lift - 20 a group - to do five groups - one group of four to do Leapfrog Group 3

at this time if the conditions permitting - we can do a few push-ups, or is a quote ---

push-up you say 4-6 months on the Buxing Le - it would make a group of 3 - to do five groups, of course, although the amount of the initial stage, but the most basic is to have the -

night --- If there is no time to run during the day, then you can run at night - night and morning, do not change the basic amount of exercise - can buy both at home in the evening, when doing the dumbbell to increase the strength of arm dumbbell-morning exercise, then do not have a high leg lift - the frog jump - you can do some push-ups - a lot of practice

dumbbells can be found on the website - suggested the beginning of the - if you can use dumbbells to do 28GK the move, the three criteria - so that it is available 14GK can be -

do not have more than the number - but the way to do as much as possible - finish a group of break 8 seconds to 10 seconds or so can do the next set - can be 4 or 6.8 as a group - a kind of way to the three groups to do so

- proposal is the best time to end of the exercise is about 1 hour before sleep - preferably one and a half hours - so that the brain has enough time to calm down - the nervous excitement -

and improvement stage - usually morning and evening exercise, if the words can be in one and a half months into the increase phase

and improvement stage, when the morning is also a jogging - speed and distance can be appropriately increased -

am usually on the order 3000 to 5000 for the best -

morning --- the movement pattern is essentially the same amount of exercise can increase the bar - a high leg lift with 50 groups - 10 groups around - push-ups - in 10 to 15 as a group to do At least five groups - Leapfrog 5 about a group of 10 groups to do

you can do to a single parallel bars - horizontal bar, parallel bars for the do - to do one day is like - the horizontal bar, a group of five groups to do 5-10 - parallel bars, then a group of 10 - to do 5-10

night, when the group - can be a little more to run point - around 4000-6000 could be - the morning exercise, then do not have a high leg lift - and leapfrog the -- can do something about push-ups -

Dumbbell - can do little more than a point dumbbell weight can be added - (so the best time to buy a dumbbell can be adjusted) general a group of 10-16. 20 a group of - A group of 5 to 8 group to do - if we can make the best of the 10 groups -

the maintenance phase of the relatively easy time -

the morning when the little跑跑- see you in improving the phase of the How many times can run up to the - the highest achievement than the reduction in 1000-2000 is like a -

the other training volume - can be reduced by half the number of peacetime training, the group - or a group number the same - minus the number of Semi -

night, when the same ---

in the training points, while best attention to diet - because of exercise, after all, consumption - physical movement of relatively large - it would add a good body - can be avoided exercise to bring The impact of work -

the beginning of exercise when there are body aches, usually one way or another body not suited to the performance of -

So, it is important to adhere to exercise consistently - is the best -

in general, if you can adhere to exercise a more than a year - can guarantee you the next three years of good health - if they can always exercise the words - even less exercise - and will also maintain a good health

at work at the time of inevitably will - there is one way or another entertaining - recommendations - less alcohol - less smoking -
56,601,5482010-02-08 22:11:34 +0000 #4
and others, the first race,


if you lose a race,

ran good race again .

If you beat a,

go play.

Won the competition,

you will also feel proud! !
I was a sub-human2010-02-08 23:57:59 +0000 #5
chest, shoulders, back, leg muscles for a period of training,

7 days required to complete a cycle, a practice the next day to keep up with oxygen.



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