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How to lose weight at the gym due to? Urgent! Thank you

test a small group2010-02-09 01:01:09 +0000 #1
Information: Male. 18-year-old. Tall and weighs 83 kg, but 176 and would like to lose weight, just do Chang fitness-year card is not Tao, but went to how exercise is blind, personal trainers are too expensive, and asked a few people have several Some said that more than one answer to do aerobics, and some said that a small running of weight on the knees due to bad, I have kept a! hope we make more valuable advice! Best to have detailed plans and training methods (do not do every day what should be done. To do the number of times, etc.) would like to cut in four to five months, under 20 pounds within the -30 kg as possible (I normally do not really understand them) to many of them do not quite understand just fitness, I have a tenacity Hehe. Please help Thank you very much - needed
purple lily on the 10th2010-02-09 01:14:53 +0000 #2
in fact very simple to lose weight, friends, insist on running 30 minutes a day to 50 minutes on the list, do not diet, sleep on time and thought equipment and power.

The most important thing is not these, is to persist if we continue there will be results, believe me, friend.

Finally I wish a friend Happy New Year.
I have your bamboo2010-02-09 01:07:33 +0000 #3
go jumping aerobics, although not suitable for men, but very effective weight loss, and I was dancing about an hour a day, a month down by the 21 pounds.
Goose Tao Tao2010-02-09 02:22:44 +0000 #4
you think is achievable, and my college roommate Height 185 Weight 100 kg, and exercise lost nearly 10 kilograms a month, so you should also be no problem.

I do not know to lose weight, but I can share his methods to you.

a day after dinner about 1 hour jog 30 minutes to an hour, range of motion should be large, but more slowly towards sweat to sweat, and then wash, to sleep after a little rest. to eat you can eat, do not eat stays.

slimming Guizaijianchi, if Louzhu can insist 2 months, you will be able to reach the desired goal.

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