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Did not skate snow to go skiing field, a coach can not slip do

Ranai I cry2010-02-09 01:02:01 +0000 #1
did not skate snow to ski, not a coach be able to slip do, will not go there what do you play white Jiaoqian not ah
yan0zao2010-02-09 01:18:26 +0000 #2
completely. To observe the scene may be more than others, a lot of coaches teach others, to sit about.

Ski can learn a few basic points, the first one is the fall, protection movement, a fall time to side-wrestling, playing the role of the rapid deceleration and protection of the head, throw away Pole, not Yang-wrestling, etc.; the first two are speed control, skiing is not blindly from the rushed, through the pigeon, the measured knife-type slow, eight-character sheet, the greater the more slowly; Article 3 is, posture, buttocks backward, center of gravity down, legs relaxed, such a posture easy to maintain a balanced center of gravity, it tends to side throw to protect themselves. Section 4, the turning, they can slow time in the test, left leg and push as hard, turning on the right, otherwise left. Courage, know how to fall and slow movements, he can rest assured that to slip, as long as the force to keep the legs evenly on the fear of falling, slide looks terrible, but it will slow down and, therefore, boldly to slip slightly. No. 5 is, practice makes perfect, the beginning may be scared slide, bold to slip, threw 1.2 times can be familiar with the slide in order to overcome.



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