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Try to eat less these days, plus exercise for an hour, fast one month has passed, we can not afford

Phone 2522010-02-09 02:02:05 +0000 #1
Two years ago, persist in rope skipping, and eat a lot of thin three months, and later on unabated, and rally a large part.

This is for two years did not adhere to cut-off, but it is also essential to eat in the school's special little home on the open to eat, that is, do not exercise, so over the two years.

Now it wants to exercise to lose weight, and JUMP one hour a month off and insist on fast, and mouth also try to control some, why are not diminished a pound, even a pound? !

Platforms? Ah no movement in these two years, should now suddenly is a platform for sports?

, Or prior to intermittent exercise, or intermittent dieting in school and become difficult to thin physique?
huaxijuan2010-02-09 02:14:46 +0000 #2
eat, pay special attention to! Must eat breakfast at noon you can eat spots in the afternoon to eat fruits and vegetables like in the evening after eight o'clock, do not bother to eat the best! In particular, some eat greasy things better, eating, not the old sit in the evening you can walk to disperse!



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