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Winter soon, and would like to seek a suitable initial fitness enthusiasts of winter fitness recipes

Chen Wu Ji2010-02-09 03:01:42 +0000 #1
Fitness is nearing half a year, and results are not very good ... I know that the rest, nutrition can not keep up, Health Effects of natural winter break is not obvious ... So sure enough, nutrition, amino acids apart from eat, recipes should be very important when there is to eat, how much to eat, eat a few tons of ... Once again, thank ...
Declaration of Love 812010-02-09 03:11:25 +0000 #2
Hello: Only the intake of energy greater than the consumption of energy, people can be bulked up. Therefore, the thin deployment of those meals must be reasonable, varied, non-partial eclipse. In addition to normal consumption of animal protein-rich meat, eggs, poultry, they also eat some soy products and beans properly, lily, vegetables, fruits and so on.

In the case of adequate intake of protein, and are advised to eat some with fat, carbohydrates (ie starch, sugar, etc.) the more abundant food, so thin by robust posture up. Weaker scrag gastrointestinal function may choose chicken, duck, fish, sheep's liver to eat, In addition to this, fish are also easy to digest and absorb.



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