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Qweqwe777888992010-02-09 04:01:17 +0000 #1
I am 174.5. Over 3.05 meters rebounds, I 15, I'll bounce will be shrinking? Quick holiday, and I pray a week of physical training program, with some support, such as: food, etc. Thank you.
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka2010-02-09 04:06:41 +0000 #2

Biceps: dumbbell curl for the training of many bodybuilding champions biceps muscle "peak" and a best practice. Different forms of dumbbell curl make a more brawny arm, and looking from the back blocks of separation, a clear highlight. In the exercise time to pay attention to the attention of the muscles on the train! With the breath to prevent the gradual

triceps muscle injury: A one-arm dumbbell arm or arms, neck flexion and extension exercises, can reach a horseshoe-shaped triceps fat. Triceps know which bar lot of their own fitness at home who have ignored the link triceps is actually very simple to do normal dumbbell curl dumbbell to lay down their arms will be lowered as far as possible will enhance the training effect should be aware of their arm of consciousness tightening of the muscles in the posterior. (I am concerned about the fat on the arm below the meat loosely summer clothes I have very good-looking girls in parentheses) forearm: Dumbbell Wrist Curl is grip the inside of the forearm muscles can be developed; the development of the lateral forearm and wrist muscles while bending with the anti-grip Ju.

Chest: supine on a bench with a dumbbell so supine, Upper and Lower Incline Press Incline Press, than with the barbell to do more conducive to muscle growth, because it extensively and intensively stimulate the muscles. Can also be used to do multi-angle birds dumbbell exercises to develop the various parts of the pectoral muscles. A good practice is to finish a set of dumbbells birds immediately after doing a set of dumbbells lying elected exercises. This practice is not only effective, but also can reduce the burden on the shoulder to avoid sports injuries

Thigh: heel pads made of small wooden dumbbell squat weight-bearing exercises, can be developed quadriceps. If the folder lying on a long bench on the legs to do curl dumbbell exercises, can also develop biceps femoris. You can also do dumbbell squat shear.

I also suggest that you do relatively best male abdominal strength and plasticity of expression is the belly

sit-ups and training on the abdominal muscles in the fitness equipment on the plot (the horizontal bar are also OK hanging) into practice under the straight leg lift the abdominal muscles

diet I The most studied boys almost no taboos (dessert not fasting to eat)! ! If you often do not have enough body fat will be saved up This sounds very contradictory fact is that the human body has a strong ability to self-regulation such as the often do not have enough body to make such a response would be: accumulation of fat to prepare for the supply of energy when you are hungry Therefore, an appropriate complement to meat protein (complete protein) the best source of protein in egg white protein the body important "building materials" constitutes one of the main component of muscle protein synthesis rate of muscle growth rate determine the growth of muscles required in order to achieve positive nitrogen balance is nitrogen balance of protein the body must have sufficient muscle grows more so the more the need of protein per kilogram of muscle strength trainers should add 2 to 3 grams of protein

(training, tasty eggs do not immediately point to eat meat at least 20 minutes) can be In the six months to one year's time to increase muscle mass

there is not to underestimate the rice! ! Training of energy is mainly supplied by the additional glycogen glycogen the most effective approach is to train before or at breakfast intake of food rich in carbohydrates, rice is the best rice in the human body to digest more slowly digested and glucose response to gentle energy supply can be maintained longer period of time does not lock oatmeal quick bread type of energy is not sustained blood glucose can not be an empty stomach is to eat sweets this reason

the last night of adequate sleep and rest can also increase your muscle to bring a great help

you have plans to set bad within 1 month of changes as a significant improvement within six months within a year "perfect plastic look" that is scheduled this month, after six months without results is not easy to adhere to, I suggest that you thin Well first of such a link and then add another

--------------------------------------- ---

collapse of the I to say that this will give a detailed plan do not know

ah. . . . . () Training Program would like to


Monday targeted muscle training program: the abdomen, shoulders, biceps;

Anti-Resistance Training:

ready to exercise: Treadmill 10 minutes, stretching exercises;

abdominal exercises: Abdominal (fitness ball), 4 groups, 10 / group; supine leg raise (fitness ball) Group 3 5 / group; sitting swivel training, three groups, 15 / group; hanging leg raise, 4 groups, 5 -8 pcs / group;

Shoulder exercises: seated dumbbell elected, four groups ,12-15 / group; dumbbell held before the flat, four groups ,12-15 / group;

biceps exercises: Dumbbell bent Ju, 4 groups, 15 / group; seated curl, 4 groups, 12 / group;

:5-10 minutes, finishing movements to relax;

Tuesday target muscles: chest, buttocks, triceps;

resistance Training:

prepared Sports: Boating 8-15 minutes minutes, stretching exercises;

Chest Exercise: Incline Dumbbell elected exercises, three groups, 12 / group;

hip exercise: fitness ball Yiqiang squat, 4 group 15 -- 20 / group; side leg raise, 3 group 10 / group; Unit hip trainers, three groups, 15 / group;

triceps exercises: neck flexion and extension arm, 4 groups, 10 / group; Prone arm flexion and extension, 3 Group 10 / group;

:5-10 minutes, finishing movements to relax;

Rest Wednesday

Thursday targeted muscle: abdominal, thigh;

Anti-Resistance Training:

prepared Sports: Elliptical Walker for 15 minutes, stretch exercises;

abdominal exercises: seated twist training, three groups, 12 / group; hanging leg raise, 3 group, 5-10 / group; 100 times, 3 groups, 15 / group;

thigh exercises: sit Tzu-Leg Press, 4 groups, 15 / group; thigh Outward Bound courses, four groups, 12 / group; thigh adductor training, four groups, 12 / group; prone hook leg training, three groups, 12 / group;

:5-10 minutes, finishing movements to relax;


Saturday objectives resting muscles: back, triceps;

Anti-Resistance Training:

ready to exercise: Treadmill 15 minutes, pull the body exercises;

back exercises : Sitting high drop-down exercises, 4 groups, 12 / group; seated rowing, 4 groups, 12 / group;

triceps exercises: neck flexion and extension arm, 4 groups, 12 / group; prone arm flexion and extension, 3 Group 10 / group;

:5-10 minutes, finishing movements to relax;

Sunday Closed

so repeatedly insisted
a bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-02-09 04:37:32 +0000 #3

improve cardiovascular function, in this season to jog, there are very Great benefits. Better to improve endurance during the winter season, the low temperature for the body to stimulate better able to improve the system capacity.

According to the specific circumstances of individual work and rest every day to ensure jog in 20 minutes, stick to the spring, your basic endurance will have a small leap. To the warmth of spring, when the temperature warmed up, more suitable for sports, this time can be added so that the appropriate amount of exercise and increase exercise intensity. Can also engage in some ball games, after all, simply run some boring.

However, running to keep warm in winter to prevent the cold, bearing in mind the breathing method, arrived on the tongue, palate, to avoid the cold air directly stimulate the respiratory tract. Also select a non-slip footwear freezing.


forces have relative strength and absolute power, but still a basis of absolute power, but in a way where you only see the push-ups, and if that works with some devices just fine. But it is the first to push for the starting point is a good choice. Gradually increase in the number and degree of difficulty. Other methods can also try, 10S bell push-ups sit-ups back Alice, sprint run, vertical jump straight template, rope skipping. . . Are more integrated campaign!


running, need to consider the stride frequency and stride length. Stride frequency refers to the frequency of swinging the legs, in theory, stride frequency is a priori. That can not be changed! But the "frequency Endurance" is the day after tomorrow can be trained for. 1500 is looking forward to running stride frequency and stride frequency of 100 meters is the same! Of course, it is difficult. This can be tried under the low and high leg lift.

Stride, that is, the size of your step! This is the ability to change啦! Lengthening the strides forward point, something a small step can be controlled at any time of the. Generally are based on personal habits.

Need to be clear that the frequency up, and pace will certainly be more or less decline. Nature will be forced to step off stride frequency decreased. So, still have to find a sensible help you look oh. Must be a sensible Oh, you can see the kind of potential.

So, recommend appropriate to run uphill and downhill running an integrated practice, to increase the stride frequency stride.

Running needs of lower extremity coordination and strength necessary for practicing unavoidable! Upper and lower limbs need to practice, of course, is also the indispensable core strength areas (waist and abdomen). Some specific exercises (high leg lift run, kick, after running, running small step...) Is also necessary. Strengthen the lower limb strength, multi-hop multi-exercise absolute power, relative power are good. But we can not ignore the upper body strength and ah! Because the arm is a crucial technical movement! I was back is because poor upper body strength, has always died in the 100 meters for more than 11 seconds 5.

Also, is my personal experience啦! Regardless of fitness or want to play, psychology is very important! Do not pressure yourself too much! Relax, relax, cause muscle relaxation, so that the power would be better! The necessary preparations are also well before each run the. Still can not forget to relax after each run, so that your muscles in order to have sufficient "memory."

If you have their minds can try Fengpao time, Sa Sa Ye! Can also mountain climbing, running sand, skipping! When all is played! Hei hei. Leverage effect, at least make up your health!


morning up and do things the best sports drink, fasting can be good! But we can not put down the cup on the movement! Can use the time between activities to the body, finishing the next room! Then do a warm-up and movement, we must take time to relax Oh, this is very important! Running to school, I think the bar was free, easy cold! Would not be safe! There are bedtime can do sports, but it must be guaranteed a good relax themselves, and heartbeat are normal breathing, and then washed to rest 1 hour before going to bed normally should be the end of sport!

These are all I have to answer questions from other users of the integrated come. What is need to link!



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