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Physical exercise some of the issues! Master jin

beach fairy old one2010-02-09 06:02:00 +0000 #1
I Male 19 years old Height 175CM weight of 120 because of years of studying the reasons for not tempered.

Feel physically very poor, but I have insisted climbing three weeks, and feeling more than a start to climb much easier.


1. I do a standard push-ups (in the hand and shoulder parallel to the ground to do) can only do so once reached the limits of 5-7 months, and feeling bad, and feel the power in hand, or too little, to how to improve it?

2. So sit for a cell from an exercise equipment Zhizuo of the 15 felt too bad, but I already feel very much adhered to, but not waist effort to do.

3. Pulling the horizontal bar can only pull two, and too painless.

I hope you like exercise, a friend to the point of good advice, do not go online to copy, what this has to practice several groups of several groups that also practice, and I also do not feel how the Internet is a right.

I just want to raise at least starting to do 40 sit for 15-20 push-ups 5-cylinder, I was able to endure hardship, but I practice every day feel like he can persist in the body is a little effort, but was gone too. Hey

mad war-Shi2010-02-09 06:15:21 +0000 #2
physical exercise is the best way to run
mzone54112010-02-09 06:33:39 +0000 #3
You are 120 pounds or 120 kg?

I am 19,176 cm, body weight. . . . . I weight 110 pounds just last physical examination standards

30 count push-ups in one go with a pass


I feel like I can be thin enough to, ah - is a rib

so why do you do push-ups so effortlessly ?

I think the buddies you have to go to the hospital to ask the professional point, check Caidui

open Diansha secret, first Bubu body exercising Caidui
jianshifai12010-02-09 07:02:40 +0000 #4
in bed, do push-ups sit-ups should adhere to it can not move When the horizontal bar and then stopped to pull some progress every day, you will soon be This is how I practiced and I 19
ldd28854552010-02-09 06:28:50 +0000 #5
1. Let us not to do standard, slowly put his hand on the table or bed, feet on the ground, so that intensity of the lower chest can also strengthen the lower part, and so on the strength and endurance to do up in the standard. with the knee as a fulcrum to do push-ups as it will also reduce the intensity, can enhance the center of the chest. need to slowly increase the number, group number of day 4 -5 group.

2. sit-ups, residential equipment, the intensity ramps are generally larger. the first to do at home, since the level of the bar, had to take a song legs, because the straight leg will strengthen the card psoas, over-reinforced Cards will be oppressed if psoas nerve.

3. horizontal bar, the main training latissimus dorsi, and such training has grown rapidly in width for the back, power will increase the hate fast, as long as you can insist. insist on doing 20-30 a day or so!

suggested that each cell once a day of training, because push-ups, horizontal bar, and sit-up training of large muscle movements are the major muscle groups need to rest and recovery time to other small muscles long.

such as the first day: push-ups and sit-ups, the next day: the horizontal bar and push-ups on the third day: the horizontal bar and sit-ups, and then began the first day of the fourth day of the cycle on it. 2 cycles day off, which is a week day off.

hope you help!



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