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Outlined the lack of regular exercise and sports on individual health effects

m66002482010-02-09 06:02:13 +0000 #1
Detailed points Thank you
Zhang days Package2010-02-09 06:10:02 +0000 #2
Sports absence of adverse effects on the human body outstanding performance in the following areas:

⑴ on cardiovascular function: a lack of exercise can lead to oxygen transport capacity is low, less elastic blood vessels, cardiac contractility and inadequate cardiac function decreased easily lead to cardiovascular disease.

⑵ on respiratory function: motion, lack of ventilation and ventilation lung function can decrease pulmonary flow reduction in the rate of decline in gas exchange. Shallow breathing, respiratory rate per minute increased ability to regulate the respiratory muscles weaken, which led to reduced respiratory function.

⑶ effects on the nervous system: a lack of exercise can slow down the metabolism of brain cells, makes the brain work of memory and less endurance than the brain cortex analysis, synthesis and reduced capacity to judge the reaction slow, not sharp, so that the brain work and reducing efficiency.

⑷ easily lead to obesity, lack of exercise: lack of physical activity for adults and children can store excess body fat, causing obesity or weight beyond the normal. Lack of exercise can also place a high insulin syndrome, insulin resistance, hypertension, high triglycerides, low high LDL cholesterol and impaired glucose tolerance and other symptoms, caused by metabolic ... ... ...

⑸ the impact of the movement system function: the lack of easy movement lead to osteoporosis, so that bone mass decreased functional activity, decreased muscle strength muscle tissue surrounding bone weakening, posture instability, easy to fall down, causing fractures. The lack of movement also allows the joints to reduce the flexibility and stability, muscle fibers become thin, weak, muscle contraction ability decline.

⑹ on gastrointestinal function: sedentary persons slow gastrointestinal motility, normal food accumulate in the stomach, so stomach load increased the long run can lead to feeding and duodenal ulcer, perforation or bleeding.

⑺ movement can lead to a lack of sub-health: exercise a lack of memory loss can occur, only difficult to focus attention, lack of energy, for their own health concerns, many dreams, fatigue, emotional instability, with the back of the head of fatigue, irritability, insomnia, , repression always suspected he was sick, thinking low efficiency, easy to cold, lethargy, limb weakness, not a pleasant feeling, dizziness, vertigo, depression, headache, waist and knee pain, hair loss and other sub-health symptoms.

Sport to promote the role of mental health mental health problems

the students have become the students, parents, colleges and universities as well as issues of concern to society in general. Using literature data analysis of student psychological barrier causes and types of sports for students described the impact of mental health that the sport can not only improve the health status of the body of university students, but also to improve the mental health of students, treatment of students with mental illness very significant role.



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