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In the running process of how to regulate breathing

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breathing method of middle-distance process, the human consumption of large energy, the oxygen requirements are also great, due to

Therefore, to master the correct method of breathing is very important to The. Middle-distance race on the way, in order to increase the pulmonary ventilation

volume, breathing with mouth and nose at the same time breathing method. Rhythmic breathing and running rhythms should match

together, the general two-step one call, a two-step absorption, or three steps a call, a three-step absorption.

Note that when breathing to increase the depth of breathing. Pole "and" Second Breath "middle-distance race, due to the supply of oxygen

gas behind the body's needs, when you go to a certain distance, there will be chest hair nausea, breathing

rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness and difficult to run again feelings go. This phenomenon is called

of the pole. " This is a middle-distance in the normal. When the "pole" appears, it is necessary to coercive

a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening breathing, adjust the pace. In this way, over a distance

After the breathing becomes uniform, action, again I felt very relaxed, all discomfort disappeared, and this is the

that the state of the second breath. In the middle-distance movement, more a result of inadequate preparations, easy hair

Health and abdominal pain, mainly caused by gastrointestinal spasm, this time must not be nervous, can hand hold the pain

a site, slow Paosu, multi - to do a few deep breaths, persist for some time, the pain will disappear.



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