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The lower left waist, they will sometimes muscle twitching, and do not know because of what?

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meat-hop do not have to fear,

we all know, in neurological illnesses, "motor neuron disease", "facial spasm" and other disease was a characteristic appearance of involuntary muscle beating. It is because of the fear of the disease, when people find themselves jumping when the meat is often expressed particular anxiety and fear in our neuromuscular disease clinic almost every day who can see such a treatment. In fact, the vast majority of patients are benign flesh-hop, medicine known as "benign fasciculations fibrillation syndrome", has a very good prognosis, in fact, "meat jump" do not "scared."

What is this benign "meat-hop"?

Benign fasciculations fibrillation is a common syndrome, symptoms of the nervous system, showing the body of the muscle bundle partially involuntary muscle vibration occurs, that is what we often say "meat-hop." Found face up to the limbs, of course, can occur in any one part of the body. As its name, with a benign process, and will not progress for other serious neurological diseases, but also very boring. Meat-hop can only occur in a small group of local muscles, such as involuntary eyelid twitching, it can be widely involving a limb or body. Most people have experienced life in a certain extent, this meat and dancing, however, did not notice its existence, and only when such meat only when it jumped a broad and continuing to draw attention away for medical treatment.

How to motor neuron disease differentiated from the meat-hop?

This is the meat of each patient are most concerned about jumping, motor neuron disease (such as: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, etc.) is a worldwide problem, no specific treatment. Its more characteristic appearance of the meat and dancing, but this meat-hop, mostly continuous in nature, in the exercise and quiet state can occur, but with such a benign flesh-hop is different is that there is more than motor neuron disease and muscular atrophy weakness, and in the EMG examination has characteristic changes. The two are relatively easy to distinguish the difference.

What are the reasons for this benign "flesh-hop"?

Despite the benign fasciculations syndrome precise cause of fibrillation is unclear, but studies have shown that the main aspects related to the following: sports, acute viral infections, anxiety and drug use. Among them, a long time movement is the most important cause of meat-hop one of the reasons. Common drugs can cause flesh-hop are: diuretics, corticosteroids, estrogen, and excess caffeine. There is also a study suggests that pesticides, especially organic phosphorus and other chemical toxins can also lead to meat jump. In clinical work, we often found that many patients still retain in such a vicious cycle, a slight anxiety caused by micro-meat-hop stress, anxiety has increased the meat jumped, adding to the meat jumped further cause for panic and anxiety in patients.

How to prevent and deal with such benign meat-hop?

For some patients, to give a small amount of sedatives may be effective. But in general, this meat-hop do not need to drug treatment. The key approach is to enable patients to mental and physical relaxation to rest properly divert patients to alleviate their psychological anxiety and tension.

Take / consumption of anti-oxidants, scavenging free radicals of the drug or food is now considered the most effective way to prevent the meat jump. Studies have confirmed that taking adequate vitamin E, C, β-carotene, selenium and zinc can reduce the occurrence of such a benign flesh-hop. In addition, the consumption of these antioxidant-rich tomatoes, blueberries, seaweed, cabbage, cabbage and cauliflower, grapefruit, onions, spinach, hawthorn, and so food will benefit from the reduction of meat-hop. Spicy seasonings from the plant shoots, leaves, bark, fruit, roots or seeds are made, which is rich in antioxidants, which can also prevent the occurrence of meat-hop. Note that, in order to play a better role in the prevention of daily intake of these substances and movement before and after exercise is very important food supplement these drugs, of course, in taking such a supplement is usually a few days and weeks before the onset obvious.

In short, as long as your attention to rest, relax and adequate intake of vitamins and other essential nutrients, will make your heart do not panic and do not skip the meat. Finally do not forget, in the food by adding the right amount of spicy seasonings to make your life more Youziyouwei.



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