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Fast winter vacation - the desire of a perfect fitness program

htjxianjian2010-02-09 10:01:15 +0000 #1
Fast winter vacation - the desire of a perfect fitness program

better to excel at looming in a month of muscle - I had the body is more coordinated 185,72 kg

by the way Tell me when the next exercise taboos, as well as the most beneficial to the body's daily living habits
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-02-09 10:14:36 +0000 #2

improve cardiovascular function, in this season there is a great jogging benefits. Better to improve endurance during the winter season, the low temperature for the body to stimulate better able to improve the system capacity.

According to the specific circumstances of individual work and rest every day to ensure jog in 20 minutes, stick to the spring, your basic endurance will have a small leap. To the warmth of spring, when the temperature warmed up, more suitable for sports, this time can be added so that the appropriate amount of exercise and increase exercise intensity. Can also engage in some ball games, after all, simply run some boring.

However, running to keep warm in winter to prevent the cold, bearing in mind the breathing method, arrived on the tongue, palate, to avoid the cold air directly stimulate the respiratory tract. Also select a non-slip footwear freezing.


forces have relative strength and absolute power, but still a basis of absolute power, but in a way where you only see the push-ups, and if that works with some devices just fine. But it is the first to push for the starting point is a good choice. Gradually increase in the number and degree of difficulty. Other methods can also try, 10S bell push-ups sit-ups back Alice, sprint run, vertical jump straight template, rope skipping. . . Are more integrated campaign!


running, need to consider the stride frequency and stride length. Stride frequency refers to the frequency of swinging the legs, in theory, stride frequency is a priori. That can not be changed! But the "frequency Endurance" is the day after tomorrow can be trained for. 1500 is looking forward to running stride frequency and stride frequency of 100 meters is the same! Of course, it is difficult. This can be tried under the low and high leg lift.

Stride, that is, the size of your step! This is the ability to change啦! Lengthening the strides forward point, something a small step can be controlled at any time of the. Generally are based on personal habits.

Need to be clear that the frequency up, and pace will certainly be more or less decline. Nature will be forced to step off stride frequency decreased. So, still have to find a sensible help you look oh. Must be a sensible Oh, you can see the kind of potential.

So, recommend appropriate to run uphill and downhill running an integrated practice, to increase the stride frequency stride.

Running needs of lower extremity coordination and strength necessary for practicing unavoidable! Upper and lower limbs need to practice, of course, is also the indispensable core strength areas (waist and abdomen). Some specific exercises (high leg lift run, kick, after running, running small step...) Is also necessary. Strengthen the lower limb strength, multi-hop multi-exercise absolute power, relative power are good. But we can not ignore the upper body strength and ah! Because the arm is a crucial technical movement! I was back is because poor upper body strength, has always died in the 100 meters for more than 11 seconds 5.

Also, is my personal experience啦! Regardless of fitness or want to play, psychology is very important! Do not pressure yourself too much! Relax, relax, cause muscle relaxation, so that the power would be better! The necessary preparations are also well before each run the. Still can not forget to relax after each run, so that your muscles in order to have sufficient "memory."

If you have their minds can try Fengpao time, Sa Sa Ye! Can also mountain climbing, running sand, skipping! When all is played! Hei hei. Leverage effect, at least make up your health!

1. Every time jogging half an hour. Have been sweating as the benchmark. Only in this way in the body fat will be mobilized into the combustion state.

2. The necessary stretching exercises. Chest, waist rotation, arm circling, knee, ankle.

3. The use of the building room, exercise equipment lower limbs. To do some stretching exercises tread strength after the first light-weight, pay attention to experience is that the thigh in the hair strength, rather than feet.

4. Leg exercises you can do some toes, that is, to mention heel, this will help in shaping leg. Every time 30, to slow, let the muscles stretch full sense.

Next, practice kicks and rear side-kicks, mainly to enhance the legs. Upper body must be upright. Kick-point range as large, to relax. 3,4

done after the appropriate tension to be issued under the power of just the muscles, so that they do not always in a contraction.

5. Lumbar abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, do a half sit-ups, that is, lie down, but the shoulders do not touch the ground, suspended! ! Lying down, feeling the muscles tense up a little pause on. And then continue. Each of 10 to do 4 groups. If appropriate it in their hands small dumbbells, do swivel, to exercise both sides of the waist.

6. A small dumbbell to do chest. Can you complete control over the use of a small dumbbell to practice chest. Opened as much as possible, each 15,4 group. Then, still using dumbbells, do pre-move, two arms should be flat, dumbbell as far as possible near point. This can better stimulate the chest muscles. So that curve more pronounced. 10 group 4 to 7. At this time, the activities of the body is basically up. Best to slowly ran 10 minutes, let the body relax, and then that is stretching, relaxation, massage the muscles of today's practice.

Moves it, you can mimic some yoga movements, stretch to meet the breathing.

Above, these exercises should pay attention to breathing, not ruthless hair force, to be generous nature, physical and psychological effects of pleasure that we go! ! Body weight should first see, first curve to see straight, because it is slowly changing.

Actually, the outdoors aerobic running 3 to 4 times a week, doing stretching, note that a reasonable diet and living habits, body weight before the summer is absolutely could have greatly reduced, possibly to buy clothes really want to re - !

Personal advice, do more aerobic running. To learn a few yoga stretching and breathing exercises,

These are all I have to answer questions from other users of the integrated come. What is need to link! I wish health, Italy 2010's liking Shun



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