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What problems should pay attention to long-distance running in winter

Chi Tian Gang Ji-x2010-02-09 10:02:09 +0000 #1
physical education teacher told us to check, someone can tell me do next?
Nan Hai2010-02-09 10:06:19 +0000 #2
long-distance running is the best means of physical exercise in winter, through long-distance training can improve respiratory and cardiovascular system function, improve the body's external environment and climate adaptability, to improve the body's immunity and anti-disease ability. However, long-distance running in winter should pay attention to the following questions.

1, understanding the function of their status, exercise capacity, health standards, reasonable arrangements for exercise (especially long-distance running in the initial phase).

Second, to understand the process of the body's long-distance running a series of "physiological response", especially in the limit a second breath, muscle aches and so on, grasp the exercise-induced injuries and other protective laws.

Third, when engaged in long-distance running training, you must follow the laws of physiological changes, in line with sports hygiene requirements, compliance with the principle of gradual and systematic principles of the formation of motor skills to master the laws.

4, in the long-distance race training before the warming-up must be sufficient training to be done after finishing the activities. Warming-up function allows quick access to the body systems working conditions to meet the requirements of vigorous exercise, reduce or prevent the occurrence of sports injuries, warming-up activities can be jogging and doing exercises the muscles of joints. Would enable a better finishing the body tense state of motion from the gradual transition to a state of relative quiet, and can eliminate the metabolites of the body, reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. Organize activities to do deep breathing exercises and relaxation of muscles.

5, long-distance race should pay attention to the rhythm of breathing and running to coordinate. Breathing methods vary, generally two or three steps a call, a two-step absorption, breathing to nose and mouth at the same time, the winter use the tip of the tongue rolled up long-distance micro-lick the palate, and to avoid the cold air directly stimulate the trachea.

6, the movement should not be too thick to wear clothing to avoid a large number of sweat. However, some attention to keep warm after exercise to prevent colds.

7, after exercise, drink plenty of water should not be very soon. After exercise 20 - 30 minutes, may be appropriate to drink warm water or dilute brine to supplement the body movement due to excessive loss of water and salt, but not He Liangshui.

8, in the long-distance running training, it is necessary to strengthen and develop good nutritional eating habits. In the long-distance running training, the strengthening of the body's metabolism, energy consumption increased, rational nutrition and food hygiene to help stabilize the balance of the body environment, strengthen the body's adjustment and recovery, in order to achieve the effect of physical fitness.

1st: You must be sufficient quantity of food.

Second: pay attention to add high-quality protein, such as meat, eggs.

Third: pay attention to the supply of food containing salts and vitamins. Such as: soy products, dried small shrimps, green vegetables, kelp, seaweed, and fresh fruit.

Fourth: diet health, to develop good eating habits.

9, before meals, after meals is not suitable for long-distance running.

Movement common physiological responses

1, muscle aches

In a large amount of exercise after exercise, muscle soreness often occurs.

Disposal methods:

can sore muscles heat or partial massage; oral administration of vitamin C; acupuncture and electrical stimulation also has a role.


muscle spasm muscle spasm called cramps. Movement of the most vulnerable to the calf muscles in the back of the calf muscles.

Disposal methods:

right parts of the muscle spasms make traction. Such as the gastrocnemius muscle spasm that is straight when the knee joint, and with the massage, kneading and pressure points, Venezuela, Yongquan so.

3, pole and the second breath

(1) pole: In the intense movement, especially in middle-distance race, the energy consumption, lower limb blood returning reduce oxygen debt continue to accumulate, when up to a certain degree, on the will appear shortness of breath, chest tightness, unbearable, heavy lower limbs, incoordination, nausea and even the phenomenon, in the exercise physiology called "extreme."

(2) The second breath: "pole" appears, the appropriate velocity slow down and pay attention to add Take a deep breath and stick to it, these reflect the will gradually ease and disappear. The subsequent improvement in functional re-dependent increase in exercise capacity has to increase the coordination of movements have become powerful new balance of physiological processes, such a phenomenon known as "second breath."

4, the movement abdominal pain

The main reason for the warming-up is not sufficient movement is too intense. There is also a result of pre-exercise overeat, drink too much, and belly cold cause stomach cramps.

Disposal methods:

can be used to slow down, plus take a deep breath, pressing pain areas, or bending over to run.
COOLXY7212010-02-09 10:21:36 +0000 #3
warming-up preparations must be done to do the full warm-up full of enough. Also note that adjustment of breathing cold air in winter a great impact on the people. Pull ligaments, otherwise it will twist to the
panjun352010-02-09 10:47:09 +0000 #4
run warm-up before the 10 million recall, etc. 10-15 minutes of brisk walking, the body the blood circulation to speed up the body heat, and then rerun, do not run off too much before, and so hot, a little bit off, running about 40-50 minutes, and then stopped suddenly do not remember, or slow heart rate, stroke, heart can not afford, so 3-5 minutes of brisk walking, slow heart rate, etc., in the slowly walking 3,5 minutes on it. If you want to lose weight, then, in a half-hour will not eat, they play a role in reducing fat, and if do not want to lose weight, then do not care. Finish recommendation to eat two bananas and an egg, add something.



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