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Fitness program and the number of request

geographical judge2010-02-09 11:01:55 +0000 #1
I am now second year 184cm 174 kg did not feel so fat that the meat in the buttocks thighs and stomach I have a gym membership card, but because of intense study and we still have not been to it, but not the next semester classes nervous that I wanted to go to fitness gym is not large, but there are a lot of practice playing upper limbs are 5-6 bar with a butterfly clip chest were pulled down from the upward leg is also mentioned practicing bar there are two barbell what trouble you give me the number of developing a fitness program Thank you I am not afraid tired once more, but that the place can be more difficult to wish away a very large amount of exercise three times a week for
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka Hutchison2010-02-09 11:16:55 +0000 #2
neck: cervical muscle

□ one hand lateral neck flexion and neck flexion and extension □ □ Positive head with both hands pressed metal plates neck flexion and extension

the shoulder: anterior deltoid dumbbell stand

□ □ held before the flat barbell standing to mention La □ barbell seated anterior deltoid Central elected

□ □ Lateral Raise Dumbbell standing side-arm pull □ Flat barbell seated anterior deltoid elected

□ dumbbell rear overlooking the Legislative birds

chest : pectoralis major push supine barbell

□ □ □ barbell barbell on pushing decumbens decumbens pushed under □ supine dumbbell push

□ □ dumbbell dumbbell on pushing decumbens decumbens pushed under the birds □ □ dumbbell dumbbell supine on Oblique Flying Bird

□ □ supine dumbbell-bent arm is tilted under a bird dumbbell pull-□ □ supine bent arm pull-Parallel Bar Dip

□ push-ups

arm: arm triceps arm flexion and extension

□ □ □ bent arm flexion and extension □ arm horizontal arm flexion and extension after the lift

□ arms chest biceps arm flexion and extension

□ 2 □ arm crook of the arm give squat curl arms ramp □ □ biceps curl

□ Forearm Wrist Curl

back: on the back

□ □ Vertical shrug upright in the back row

□ pull-up sit-down hanging rod □ □ □ leaned over and shook rowing boat

□ T-type equipment boating

lower back straight leg dead lift

□ □ □ load bend release souls from purgatory to come forward to

waist: rectus abdominis

□ supine leg from □ □ supine leg lift upper body hanging bar knees huddled flinching □ Sitting flinching

legs: quadriceps, after squatting

□ □ □ former squat legs, biceps femoris give

□ Seated Leg flexion □ □ Vertical Leg Prone Leg Ju Ju

□ calf muscle group to stand toes

increase muscle trainer should be noted: muscle recovery for 48

72 hours, and therefore never fully recovered from the muscles continue training until a muscle is not the same effect, on the contrary will affect the exercise effect. Usually in large muscle exercise at the same time the participation of small muscle movements, such circumstances, so long as participation in sports exercise the muscles on the same day results are the best. Big muscles include: chest muscle, latissimus dorsi, abdominal, leg. The initial training should be appropriate to reduce weight, increase the number.

"RM" in English "repetition maximum" acronym, the Chinese translation of meaning "the greatest duplicate value." Such as the "6

12RM" expressed is the "most that can be repeated 6 to 12 times the weight." Such as the training program are: a single crook of the arm dumbbell held 3 to 4 groups, 6

8RM. Explained as follows: 10 kg dumbbells carried out with the crook of the arm to cite a single practice, every effort can only curl six consecutive times to 8 times for a group, such as weight, the number of consecutive 3 sets. Normal training each of rest interval of 60 to 90 seconds, 10 kilograms is the weight of 6

8RM action, if reduce fat for fitness purposes, this kind of action to reduce the weight, so the number can reach 20

30RM. In the training programs are usually express such provisions, vary the weight of the load.

In the bodybuilding movement load strength training is a very important factor in a major growth to 4 times the absolute muscle strength and stamina, 6

12 times the main growth muscle circumference, 16

20 times in the major developed small muscle groups and increase muscle line flexibility, more than 25 mainly used reduce fat, improve heart and lung functions, fitness shaping and so on.
allty20082010-02-09 11:49:58 +0000 #3
a chest

1. Horizontal nominated: The main practice the thickness of pectoralis major and chest ditch.

Action: two hand-held supine dumbbell bench, dumbbell placed shoulders, palm facing up, pushed to the arm dumbbell straight, pause, and then slowly restored. Tip: the push and fall was an arc, so that the full contraction of pectoralis major and thorough stretching.

2. On the ramp elected: The main practicing chest.

Action: Action essentials and Horizontal elected the same difference is transferred to the bench face angle of 30

40 degrees, oblique lie to do so.

3. Horizontal birds: The main training center chest ditch.

Action: supine bench, holding two dumbbells, palms relative, naturally straight in the chest, arms above the elbow to the side arms slightly curved dumbbell delegated to the lowest point, fully extending his chest, pectoral contraction force.

4. Supine straight arm pull-up: expanding the chest, practice pectoralis major, serratus anterior the best moves.

Action: shoulder sit cross-bench, feet touch the ground, his hands clenched in the chest at the top end of the dumbbell to the shoulder axis to the dumbbell slowly put (down) head back (feeling chest and thoracic stretch), put the limit to restore the dumbbell again when pulling.

NOTE: To prevent damage, should not be too fast pace of decentralization process.

2, shoulder

1. Elected: The main train deltoid muscle before the beam, the beam and rear beam.

Sitting on the ramp elected elected

standing under the ramp elected elected

actions: sitting, two hand-held dumbbells on the side of the body, elbows outreach, palm forward, to push the dumbbells to the highest arc point, pause, slow control of dumbbell according to the original route (arc) to restore. Tip: can also be done standing, arms at the same time to do single-arm rotation can also be done.

2. Lateral Raise: The main practice in the deltoid muscle bundles.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells hang at the legs before the body slightly forward, elbows peg-leg, to both sides of the lifting dumbbells Zhijian Gao, so that the deltoid muscle in the "peak contraction" bit, pause, and then the slow control of shoulder muscles Restore. Can also be done one arm, his arms rotation.

3. Leaned over Lateral Raise: The main beam after deltoid training.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells, palms relative, bent knees, physical stability, and arms to both sides on the move, and then slowly to restore control. Can also be done one arm, his arms rotation.

4. Shrug: The main train trapezius muscle.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells hang at the side of the body, knee peg-leg, upper body slightly forward, shoulders fully on to mention, the trial acromion lobe touch, pause, and then slowly to restore control.

3, the back

1. Leaned his arms Boat: The main training latissimus dorsi.

Action: knees slightly bent, hands holding the dumbbells, hanging at the bottom front of body to latissimus dorsi muscle contraction force pulling dumbbells to shoulder height or slightly above the elbow and shoulder position, pause, and then back wide muscle tension force control to restore the dumbbell slowly. Note: Boat mainly in the latissimus dorsi muscle contractionStretching, upper body should not be swarmed to avoid leveraging.

2. Bent arm rowing: The main train back, lateral, and lower back.

Action: holding dumbbells, palms inward, one hand stays the location of the ipsilateral leg knee implant to stabilize the body. Referred to the dumbbell waist position (back muscles fully contracted), pause, and then controlled the slow reduction (fully stretched back muscles), done at the side for the other side to do.

3. Straight leg dead lift: The main train lower back, gluteus maximus and biceps femoris.

Action: The dumbbell with both hands hanging in front of body, feet a natural opening, and shoulder width, straight legs, back straight, body flexion, the rise until the upper body is about parallel with the ground. Then under the back muscles contract to restore the force to upper body.

NOTE: In order to maintain the tension force, the body flexion when the dumbbells do not touch the ground. Action should not be too fast.

4, biceps

1. Alternately curl: The main training biceps, biceps isolated.

Action: sitting (or standing), his hands holding dumbbells hang at the side of the body, palm relative, elbows by your sides. With the elbow as a fulcrum, upward curl, while forearm external rotation palm facing up, move to the highest point of tightening biceps, pause, and then to restore control. Rotation to do.

5, triceps

1. Posterior arm flexion and extension: The main training triceps.

Note: the chart drink bottles replaced with dumbbells

Action: sitting (or standing), two hand dumbbell at one end in the back of the neck at the top, palm forward, upper arm fixed to the elbow as a fulcrum to do bent arm extension. Tip: arms can be done at the same time can also be done alternately.

2. Bent arm flexion and extension: The main training the upper triceps.

Action: bent, feet before opening into a bow in one hand and stays foreleg knee stability and the physical, the other holding dumbbells, upper arm close to side of the body. Forced back to the top of the cantilevers triceps forearms parallel with the ground, so that the limit triceps contraction, pause, and then slowly restored.

6, leg

1. Squat: The main training thigh muscles and gluteus maximus.

Action: hands holding dumbbells in each side of the body, or slightly higher than the shoulder dumbbell placed in the position to control the steady, feet about shoulder width of natural opening, feet slightly showed eight-shaped, chest, waist and back close tight. Knees, squatting to the lowest, and then shrink Dunqi forced to restore the thigh.

2. Scissors-lunge squat: The main training gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, and quadriceps.

Action: two hand-held bell, feet a natural opening, step forward right foot forward, knees, legs, knees, almost close to the ground, into a scissors-lunge squat. After the completion of the required number of one leg for another leg before the cross to do.

3. Prone Leg quote: The main training biceps femoris.

Action: prone on a bench, feet clip dumbbell or dumbbell tied to his ankle, the calf vacant, his hands hold stool side, legs straight. Then biceps femoris hair force, bent legs, to the highest point so that biceps femoris in the "peak contraction" bit, pause to biceps femoris controlling the slow reduction of the tension force.


standing single leg calf toes: The main train calf.

Action: hand on the fixture, standing on one foot before the foot pedal, the heel under the bottom out as far as possible, and the other leg Tuiqu Xi filed. A small leg muscle contraction force to bring heels to the highest point, pause, and then slowly restored. Alternating legs to do.
caixianshuo2010-02-09 11:44:20 +0000 #4
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Yao Xinmiao 20092010-02-09 11:16:58 +0000 #5
want to reduce fat, then at least a week to keep more than three times the formal training. Each exercise two or three muscle groups, to take a small weight, multi-frequency approach to training. Note that we must consult coaches use a variety of devices. He will answer it, but not free of charge for you to develop fitness program. Of course, aerobic exercise is essential, dynamic cycling and aerobics are all good choices.



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