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I exercise 2 months, on both sides of the shoulder muscles are strained, and the left than the right

lei23256252010-02-09 12:01:40 +0000 #1
I want to ask, why, the right to be hurt point of it, I feel the right arm over the left rough spots, but I have been practicing with the dumbbell-2, the muscle had been opened on the left than the right of the pull of the still more it is to cook at the gym before the oblique pull, and I was on the right arm pain, not too painful. Nothing left to do, in the gym practicing for nearly a month, would like to invite expert pointing, the other material to find those who would like to request under the expert said, be honest, I have this will not matter, I am now in the field, and no equipment, on a 20 pounds of dumbbells, Deputy, I am now using 20 pounds of the play, standing dumbbell hammer curl six groups, dumbbell-elected six groups, stand at attention boating six groups, each is 12, standing dumbbell hammer curl was elected with a dumbbell, with a break-minute boat is equipped with an exercise stand at attention with the Ministry re-do the same, with the rest of the push-ups are stretching, doing push-ups on the 4-5 group, a group of 20, little effort , and I did before exercise did not do warm-up, I am in Guangdong, the weather here is not too cold, eat not so bad, I bought whey protein powder drink, sleep and general sleep around 12 o'clock, up about 9 points ,,, please help me to develop the following master, my sleep is not change, and I would also like to do things, seek expert help

Eternal MVP2010-02-09 12:16:57 +0000 #2
just do not know specifically what circumstances, if the muscle fibers tear, on the normal sequence of muscle that is restructuring, but if there is inflammation, we should pay attention, and promptly go to the hospital look down, you first see whether there swelling under the muscle, there are other phenomena
mansatemansate2010-02-09 12:49:07 +0000 #3
It was OK, rest period time will be good, but it must be introduced after a warm-up, or will be a bad muscle pull



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