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How can we help to increase?

qq3473424082010-02-09 12:02:13 +0000 #1
What kind of movement or eat something or what used to be all right thank you by

I am now 18 years old from 16 to no how long, and now the only 171CM. I am now about patterns of life is: get up at 8 am (breakfast and sometimes eating and sometimes do not eat) and then sitting in the lunch, eats dinner and then do 17 o'clock, anyway, sitting one day less total movement. This is probably the son of a. ....
hum the melody itself paragraph2010-02-09 12:15:07 +0000 #2
eat calcium-rich foods to help bone development. (you can drink milk A, is also conducive to sleep before going to bed to drink it)

special attention to the next: salt was increased enemy! would like to increase it must cultivate the habit of eating less salt. eat less sugary foods that are high points for the wonderful, because eating more will affect the bone growth.

sports, then can choose to skip rope, or standing long jump. skipping the time upward jump, to feel towards this one thing to top it. If the idle trouble, you can jump from the rope itself, this time you can set yourself a certain height jump.

(must eat breakfast, and always pay more attention to point of the movement!)



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