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I am 32 years old Height 151 Weight 120 pounds how can go to the gym to lose weight faster slim down

Tian08582010-02-09 13:01:54 +0000 #1
to test a bit last week, even the older group of indicators that are lower than the standard gym coach gave me the suggestion is to spend money to help him I customized fitness program and diet plan is equal to 100 yuan for each lesson is a half a year in order to be effective and need to say that I need to go to one class the next day I feel this way too expensive, I have organized a health card is also pocket money a coach I feel that income still can not meet you can ask a good way to make my own workout at the gym will be able to lose weight the next thing I would like to inquire about is a good exercise before meals or after dinner exercise better I work 6:30 to the gym take at least one and a half hours
Yin Wood2010-02-09 13:13:36 +0000 #2
For the weight loss in general fitness instructors will give you develop a fitness program and eating arrangements for the following day is my health and beauty magazine to see a plan I feel for you (I slightly change it) here on introducing the next

scheme is divided into three phases the first phase mainly consisting mainly of aerobic equipment, supplemented by a certain increase in the second phase of the third phase of aerobic training on the basis of the second phase of the increase in every Wednesday second climb (which can be changed to outdoor running) is generally 4-5 days a week training, each training the number of times the action and groups according to their general physical condition of an action group to do 4-5 each control in 8-12 months not to heavy weight-based insistence on small weight of multi-frequency or free weight exercises

muscles three days to cycle the next day the first day of thoracodorsal biceps abs triceps deltoid muscle on the third day of quadriceps leg

diet is to meet the training in the different cycles of food energy appropriate adjustment

just to start training for future training when storing large amounts of energy while burning body fat percentage of carbohydrate intake accounted for 60% of the total protein and The 20 percent fat, with the continuation of the gradual reduction in training to increase the proportion of carbohydrates protein and fat percentage of the daily intake of fruit and only once the total is not more than 250 grams of vegetables per day 500-600 g

adhere to eight for each meal eat breakfast Dinner time is not everybody eats meat

For the exercise I suggest you go to the gym after work, meal and a half hours to digest, but not enough to eat too much if you work directly go to the gym to the gym around 8:00 Fitness end of the 10 points again this time to eat right to lose weight on the negative

Fitness Weight Loss is a process that needs some time to uphold the wish to lose weight successfully
Sun Sun 02112010-02-09 13:35:15 +0000 #3
after meals



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