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Staff helped me look at how to add energy during muscle nutrition?

LZYedd2010-02-09 15:01:16 +0000 #1
I am now studying in foreign countries, during the busy gym twice a week will insist on going training muscles, every day to do sit-ups in their own quarters, and push-ups and other simple exercises. The problem now is that I might head to the gym the evening of 56 points, after about an hour, half an hour after eating to study late into the night, and sometimes three in the morning in order to sleep. This way is how to add energy to ensure that I will practice the muscles results? (Do not want to be getting thinner, but also do not want a little longer fat). Staff look at you help me please?

Then give me to talk about how to arrange a time to the greatest degree of strengthening muscles do? For example, twice a week would not be too small? How long time is better? Every time when the basic training should include all the items do?

Is a layman. Thanks!
small ultra-LIKE2010-02-09 15:02:59 +0000 #2
complement of dollars abroad, are very good.

Be properly communicate with the coach and look, there is that you have enough sleep! Is this your fitness there is a great help! Eat more beef.

General fitness is about an hour. This is correct

long muscle that is more than the weight of a small number of! Foreign people are generally so cattle. Large weight.

I believe in such an environment, you can be more progressive!

I wish you to learn the perfect fitness progress



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