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Spinning can thin the number of principal?

71502212010-02-09 15:01:55 +0000 #1
I'm in a gym every day after work went to where the first to walk on a treadmill more than 10 minutes and then go ride a bike are so dynamic a week I lost 6 pounds, but where the clothes do not feel lost. . My plan now is to the New Year should be 20 pounds thinner do not know if? Most worried about riding a spinning leg will rough ah? ? ? ? ? This can be done on the thin bar of knowledge also told about - `` Thank you ----
Rainforest Tea2010-02-09 15:11:48 +0000 #2
1, dynamic cycling are systemic reduce fat, the beginning of what you do not feel part of a specific thin , but the changes in body weight will tell you fat is indeed reduced.

2, lost 6 pounds a week, then your results are still very significant, in fact, does not necessarily give ourselves a lean 20 pounds to the Spring Festival of the targets, so you will feel during exercise too much pressure, you just know that spinning you will have very significant effects can reduce fat, and to reduce fat goals aside, if we continue to exercise, 20 pounds of the goal will be achieved, and without any psychological burden, a very is realized easily. I just like them there.

3, do not worry about spinning your legs will lead to thicker, because you only have a large resistance for a prolonged period would lead to rapid cycling legs thicker, you note that I said three key points: a long time, large resistance and fast. In fact, we at the gym failed to reach the way of riding is your legs thicker and the extent of rest assured, I am a person, I am of the calf circumference along with weight loss and reduced overall, and the effect is very obvious.
Cloth Knife2010-02-09 15:07:16 +0000 #3
fat burning is the entire body is not partial, so see no obvious posture correct, then the calf will not be thick, spinning mainly targeted at the thigh. More muscle stretching movements on the body very helpful.

Downsizing is mainly aerobic exercise, the prerequisite is to reach a certain amount of exercise. Such as: campaign 20 minutes later began to burn fat, science diet is also important.



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