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How to speed up the fitness effect?

Old Xiao Mi2010-02-09 16:01:59 +0000 #1
A lot of people who practiced with good results than mine, but the courses are the same, and their muscles well out soon? Is there any way Mody?
simple make-up2010-02-09 16:08:21 +0000 #2
to add protein. Only the protein can pass into exercising muscles. Added protein is the most easy and quick way to eat eggs white powder. Gym recommended that you buy do not buy the protein powder. Because they are only sold at the gym, it is possible that off. Buy some big names, protein powder, such as HERBALIFE protein powder, which is soy protein and whey protein made of a reasonable proportion, than the average protein powder would be a bit more secure, a number of absorbent Ye Hao.
Yan Wood2010-02-09 16:15:47 +0000 #3
There may be many reasons

Diet fitness should be added before the need to add some carbohydrates, protein fitness routine after the protein intake must be adequate

the action of a standard posture than 10 poor fitness moves the action moves must be the standard

Strength Fitness a must to master an appropriate intensity of some of his own strength was trained in poor shape, too big muscle strength of the small muscle mass that some people will not be big

have a rest to allow for better muscle growth in one area must be closed after Lianwan

48-72 hours to re-training program practicing good training programs will increase faster and more muscular type

feel fitness is very important when you feel the attention to be completely focused on muscle strength in your hair is essential to read on a moving line

the last It is because of congenital physical condition and the differences were so equal in all aspects of the case of the results according to each person's body may not be the same as



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