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How to train chest barbell

wjdgh20102010-02-09 17:01:12 +0000 #1
my school sports hall a good barbell, I would like to practice very pectoral (to practice every day)

ask about how to train chest? ? Requests the master to use ordinary language to describe, and professional language do not understand
Game Ren rooms2010-02-09 17:08:29 +0000 #2 D3% CE% 91% EF% F4% 81% BC% E4/album / item/a4d8cc142c79a27ff2de3213.html

a friend look at this map, you'll understand! Each group reaches exhaustion like. A training group of about 8 results is very obvious

barbell from the chest to the lower levels 1CM about the line, would like to train the muscles, the speed will slow down, and would like to hurry up a little strength from practicing.
艾丽斯菲尔2010-02-09 17:42:30 +0000 #3
bench press, lie down, slightly raised waist, leaving bench, barbell position himself in the nipple, Shuang Shouzhua barbell slightly wider par can, try to gradually learn how to use chest hair force, will be the bar raised! Recommended to do 4 groups. Each group of 10, one-minute rest interval between the two groups!

Good Luck



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