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zy2491429732010-02-09 17:02:23 +0000 #1
My first 16 years of age

would like to look at the body line of warriors, seeking people to a specific training program, preferably one week to Sunday

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Here is Dong Dong2010-02-09 17:08:13 +0000 #2
you give the details of too little, just know your age. Not so good a plan ah - you can also disclose your height, weight and whether fitness experience. But look at your age estimated to be a student bar, then I am here for you recommend a suitable home fitness program, at home exercises can also go to the gym to achieve the training effects of yo -

1, push-ups can be said to hand the best fitness One way, I give it all-around fighter nicknamed played by different arms from the high-status changes and changes in training can achieve different effects, and now I simply say something.

1) a general push-ups. Pad before and after anything, slightly more than two hands from the shoulders wide and down, when affixed to the chest should be almost. This action is the key to stimulate the muscles of the middle chest, followed by the deltoid and triceps before the beam (that is, the anti-side of the biceps brachii muscle, to understand the new look at).

3 sets can be, if you can independently complete a set of 12 times, and just in your weight back plus a little bit small to do weight-bearing, such as dictionaries and so on.

Hand too high, push-ups. Mainly the upper chest muscle exercises, newcomers can not do anything because you had no chest, first chest workout up the middle to say, this action is to further perfect your chest until done, belong to high-level exercise program.

Pace lifted. Exercise the lower chest, also belong to high-level training projects, new not do.

2) both hands shoulder width distance ratio. The main training triceps, and pectoral muscles of the inside.

At home, fitness, the first three groups of hand wide push-ups, in the three groups narrower hand push-ups, we can, and there are spare students, two movements for each movement five groups enough, not more more Well, in the shortest possible time with a strong stimulus to the muscles, if your training time is a marathon, it will only consume a large amount of physical strength, and exercise when time is of hormone secretion 1 hour or so, if more than this time, effects of poor training. .

2, pull-up. Was also the first two all-around fighter project, create the perfect back muscles and strong biceps, training methods ibid. Mainly to stimulate the muscles, are hand-pull-up, mainly to stimulate the teres major muscle (the place behind the armpit muscles), the upper latissimus dorsi, biceps, brachialis, forearm muscles. This action on the initial power to require the higher one is for the novice can not afford to practice before hanging bars, in addition to the proposed buy two dumbbells, have finished this action after the proposed dumbbell curl 3 groups in order to fully complete the humerus 2 triceps stimulation, two movements, a simple, convenient and effective, not more than 40 minutes, Gao Ding -

3, squat. Home there is not barbells, dumbbells can be holding Well (dumbbell can Taobao buy on or near the supermarket), grabbed a dumbbell with both hands, stand up, squatted can be, and is very simple. Action is the most important essentials, stand up, the waist must be vertical with the ground, not an up-bent up, and a great stimulus to right waist, two to let the leg strength of the muscles of the subjects was the waist decomposition, as far as possible slow squatted, if you quickly squatted, put up with when the inevitable inertia, as equivalent to no meaning, the deeper the squat the more you can stimulate the gluteus maximus. Groups can be a 5.

4, sit-ups. Backs lying in bed, legs swarmed, as if sitting in a chair and feel the body back pressure. Cross your feet at the ankle. Crossed his arms and put on the chest, eyes fixed on the ceiling, 1:00 and did not want to move, shoulder blades do not touch bed. Note: The full range of motion is very small, feeling abdominal muscles tightened, can be stopped. You can move using the left elbow right knee left knee or right elbow to develop abdominal oblique, each can be 20-30 times. Note that the movement must be slow-slow-down in order to achieve maximum effect of the stimulus effect.

A total of four movements, is as simple as, adhere to 3 months, 4 eggs a day, all eaten, do not consider cholesterol, we do not consider this at this level, the morning drink a glass of milk, chicken and beef to eat more rice Eat steamed bread, there is rice to eat. . . That this will add more muscle protein for long

finally sum up the main points of fitness:

1, respectively, every two days according to the order of exercise, that is, push-ups Monday, Thursday, chin, Sun, squat , body-building principle is a thorough exercise, adequate rest, rather than on our daily exercise good results.

2, each time for no more than 30 minutes of rest between each group not more than 1 minutes, 2 movements 15 minutes to complete can handle that, we must focus on focus on focus, rather than the marathon-like training

3 , 12 times. Take any action in a given weight may be independently 12 times to increase a little bit of weight, your heart is only 12 times, no action can be completed the first independent group of 10 went to the weight to be completed 10 times. (Except for pull-and sit-ups, chin-principle is that, until a minute do you break even one can be done up)

4, any movement of not more than 5 groups.

5, a day for at least 8 hours of sleep.

May take 3 months, according to the fitness fertilization plan, complete it, you will feel different.



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