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Fitness fertilization, what good results? ? ?

farming honor2010-02-09 18:01:04 +0000 #1
The more detailed the better, as well as diet,谢啦
Gao graduated from2010-02-09 18:13:13 +0000 #2
thin physique of people, because the body can not synthesis of fat. Things can not gain weight eating the
, but does not affect the muscle growth, as long as the strengthening exercises can be strong together. And the body than the average person pretty
Firefox without flowers2010-02-09 18:12:37 +0000 #3
regardless of fitness or health, first of all is to follow a normal life routines and good habits.

1. Sleep: night must sleep in until 11:30, because in theory 11:00 pm

3:00 am is a human body wastes and the important cellular metabolism of synthetic golden opportunity, if people are sleeping at this time other than the state.

2. Water: Personally, I think that this is more important than eating a little bit, because there are surveys and statistics show that many diseases are usually the first due to a lack of water caused by the body. And if you want to avoid the swelling, we must first make the cell through the salt water through the urinary system discharges.

3. Food: This is an important and sports go hand in hand. First of all, do not eat too much greasy food, eat less fried food, fried food because it contains oils which are too high, the market is all because of deep-fried in a lot of fast food which contain trans fats, which is the metabolism of the body can not refuse food. Vegetable-based oils and fats as far as possible, if your finances permit, may be appropriate to use olive oil, because olive oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids and high-density lipoprotein (good fat).

Then, for the preparations for you to maintain good physical condition, the body needs is muscle, not too much sebum, as well as visceral fat, as some people look very thin, liver and intestines contain a lot of fat, which may is a lot of thin body type of people one of the reasons there cholecystitis. So, as far as possible away from the food into meat, to chicken (peeled), shrimp, fish, beef-based. Because the high fat content of pork inside, of course, beef is also high heat needs to eat, where appropriate. To eat so much meat, there is a need to balance the food - vegetables, eating at least 1 kg of vegetables per day, by boiling, salad, stew, etc., after cooking, in fact not many pound of vegetables, green leafy vegetables is very good, colorful too bad either, for example, tomatoes, carrots, purple cabbage and so on.

Staple food, to the maximum consumption of coarse grains, there is no such thing as rice, flour taste, but for the human body excretion, longevity has a big advantage, if you put them as a lifestyle, it is not distasteful in.

Potato: In fact, this is a liposuction and to allow the body to help absorb the beneficial sugar fast foods, so you have plenty of strength to keep the staple food. Keep in mind that potatoes do not, and too much cooking oil, otherwise it will become a killer.

4. Sports: Personally, I exercise every day, but for ordinary people, the 3

4 times a week have been more appropriate, and campaign includes a variety of your state, is the need to increase muscle, so be it men or Ms. , we must develop the system into the gym to participate in exercise habits, gym equipment to the greatest extent within the protection of your joints, roads and parks are not very suitable for a long time to do exercise, the road is too hard, as well as the weather, the air restriction will allow You interrupt program.

Good physical care needs carefully, so if you really want to have a body are the envy of others, must do the above points, and stay away from bad habits, making a sunny, energetic and confident person. I wish you success!
EnnMoon2010-02-09 19:15:44 +0000 #4
more eating, more exercise. Less ML, less smoking, drinking, do not stay up all night, Zaoshuizaoqi early movement.



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