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Seeking fitness instructors how to fitness

ustbxiao2010-02-09 18:01:44 +0000 #1
I male, college students, compared the body weight, may be related with my strong points, learning dance, usually consumes a great training, coupled with the stomach to digest is not very good, eaten a period of traditional Chinese medicine , appetite can be, but they are not fat long. Now organized a health card, but I do not know how reasonable fitness, training for quite some time and no significant results, professional trainers give guidance, to help develop a fitness program, the more detailed the better, good results in the short term, in Thank you for this first啦! In addition, there are some questions:

1. Heard fitness after eating eggs powder help gain weight, but not so good as those on the kidneys, increasing the burden of kidney?

2. Every time I go fitness whether all parts of the body muscles are training again, there are still focused training in each local area to distinguish?
improvised solo2010-02-09 18:17:49 +0000 #2
buddies, you and I very much like physical condition before, that is, how to eat no fat, I was playing basketball every day consumes a great deal. Since I joined fitness after long 9KG, the strength has greatly improved.

I'll give you my training program for your reference: You are now more than a day training equipment, treadmill only need to warm-up 1000 meters is enough. Every time practicing one or two sites.

Arm may be a separate day of practice (2, 3, forearm), can also chest and 3, back and two together to practice, shoulders and legs can work together to practice, practice with thigh and abdominal muscles (squat the most tubes). Must not be within one day to practice all parts of the body become a normal body feeling Lianwan these two parts do not want to move you even move the next day, get up and have to get up (and I get up the next day before Lianwan back bed), you must state it reaches exhaustion, president of muscle, you are a beginner, every part of practicing 3-4 action, each action 3-5 group, enough is enough.

Finally added muscle growth in the rest, nutrition to keep up, and more attention to sleep. Every part of Lian Wan to rest that there is no sense of pain in order to re-training.

Protein powder is generally made in large muscle mass after the master to eat, gain weight if it is more suitable for beginners to eat by muscle powder, protein powder almost all protein powder contains a lot of carbohydrates by a small amount of muscle proteins, but also help in the fat. To eat more protein powder is a bad kidney, do not listen to online that need 1.5-2 grams per KG body weight of protein, you want to eat me if you are old terrible kidney failure packets per KG body weight up to eat 1 gram of protein, Ning Shao-Do more than simply eating less is to practice slow points, was trained to eat more quickly after the renal failure, the degree I would like to who will take advantage of the bar!

I seek strength, love basketball, Sanda, although not a special fat now, but looked very intensity of feeling, I hope you succeed



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