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A simple plan upper body dumbbell exercises

q3618124802010-02-09 19:02:00 +0000 #1
Online read a lot, and then ever more chaotic, and seek professional advice to the point, I am two days to do a dumbbell, a movement for an hour, do not want to whole body exercise, because every day I will insist on skipping 2000, so I just want to exercise the upper body dumbbell exercise, no need to plan a week in reincarnation and want to plan a cycle of two upper body exercise, such as what action Monday. Closed Tuesday. What action Wednesday, Thursday rest, and then weeks to repeat the cycle of Monday, did not know whether there are two combinations can chest, hands, back, abdomen are training to do and can not at least training to large muscle groups will do. Do not copy the web. Satisfied with an additional 100 points
Game Ren rooms2010-02-09 19:10:03 +0000 #2
Really, a pair of dumbbells is too inconvenient, and

practicing chest (elected), the weight of big points well.

Lian chest (bird), light weight, good point.

Arm (2.3, weight is also a point of light is better)

gym more common. Chest and three a day. Back and two a day. (Reason not talked about). Abdomen, you can practice every day ..

chest: It is recommended distance is more than shoulder-arm push-ups key to stimulate the chest width, shoulder width to stimulate the thickness. Initial proposals to do with the shoulder width, slowly elevate your feet could be considered

You can do push-ups followed by a group to do a group of birds. This round of the practice. Several groups to see if your own situation,

3, in your chest when the train had been stimulated to, and can be reused dumbbell exercises D3% CE% 91% EF% F4% 81% BC% E4/album/item/ccddf9d108634c1a960a1614.html

Finally, abdominal training, time at 10 minutes to 20 minutes you can

The next day, back, and the proposed pull-up, if the dumbbell row at home, on the bar,

after the training dumbbell curl 2

Finally, in the abdominal muscles, as long as the,

Group number, frequency, their sense of the practice, feeling numb muscles can be sour, and 1 minute break between the two groups about. (I space fitness plan)

add protein, on-line information is very full of. You do not hit.



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