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Kang Mei Zeng Gaoxie several different people have several different blood increased movement patter

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A type of blood were higher: more suited to digest vegetable protein, while the A-type human obesity, because certainly in peacetime is a " predators ", so people with blood type A in the diet should be Shensi beef, mutton and other meat, the best place to fish and chicken. Weight-loss diet to strengthen tofu, grains and other vegetable protein intake, to supplement the shortage of protein in vivo.

In the higher sports, are impulsive and often A-type people, if practiced yoga meditation or regular meditation can soothe the nerves set-threaded, reducing stress and help slimming. Contributes to increase.

B-type were higher: B-type blood people can digest a variety of delicious food. But the noodles, chicken in the haemagglutinin may impede the metabolism of B-type blood. The B-obese reason is the excessive intake of noodles and chicken, so the B-type blood people, the diet does not mean less food, but the noodles and chicken contain B-type blood coagulation hemagglutinin, the most Good avoid eating.

In the higher sports, love the B-communicative ideal increased movement of people should be tennis, fitness dance and the exercise is not much, but also with others, fun sport.

AB-type higher: AB blood type is the person's physical characteristics rather than less acid digestibility of meat. The reasons for obesity but also because only the meat into fat. Therefore, in diet, AB blood type people are the best tofu, fresh vegetables and fruits mainly to dairy products (yogurt), and a small amount of meat to do embellishment, while a bit of fresh fish and eggs. A balanced comprehensive nutrition on the higher good in vivo.

In the higher sports, AB-type-A person's physical approach and, therefore, suitable for A-type person's tai chi, yoga and other meditation movement increased. Select a reasonable increase Movement, rational, and scientific training will help increase rapidly increased.

O-type increased: The O-blood people, animal protein is the main source of energy, but do not digest dairy products, beans and cereals. Obesity, also owing to eat pasta and yogurt these not the result of digestible food. O-type blood people should drink less milk, but to take an appropriate amount of calcium a day to supplement the shortage of body calcium. Usually a balanced intake of vegetables and fruits, and other basic foods, in order to maintain body acid-base balance.

In choosing the manner in increased exercise, should always be the big exercise fitness sports, such as brisk walking, running, swimming, ... ... to maintain muscle tissue acidity, thus effectively consume calories.



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