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Play Cephalostachyum What are the benefits?

zhidaozyh22010-02-09 21:02:17 +0000 #1
Can be thin arm do?
Lin Xi _02010-02-09 21:18:08 +0000 #2
diabolo, appears to be a very simple upper limb movement, is not true, it is the body's movement, relying on clever with the completion of the limbs.

When the shake hands grip Cephalostachyum do all sorts of motor skills, the person's upper limbs of the shoulder, elbow, wrist joints, lower limb hip joint, knee, ankle joints, combined with cervical spine, lumbar spine are at the same time exercise to stimulate body front and rear left and right movement, rotation, arms of the relaxation, contraction. The following steps, after repeated exercise, which can promote the body's blood circulation, improve the coordination of limbs, the ability to promote the human brain's development, improve agility, but also retard aging.

Diabolo, the people's attention to be highly concentrated, do all sorts of tricks, the eyes always have to look forward to Cephalostachyum position in space changes in rotation at any time to reflect to the brain, make the right judgments. Therefore, the eyes and brain in the process of diabolo will continue to receive training and improve, especially in the blue sky, white clouds kept under the eye rotation, which can play a role in improving eyesight.

Do all sorts of tricks Cephalostachyum skills, they can promote human brain development, improve function, especially young people regularly participate in the activities of a better effect can enhance the mental concentration capacity and help to improve academic performance.

The body in different parts of the skeletal muscle of the cyclical contraction and relaxation can be enhanced venous blood circulation, muscle movement ensures venous blood return, in the diabolo, and make them feel comfortable, breathing naturally, which would increase blood circulation, so as to promote the organization of人体各器官blood supply, oxygen supply sufficient metabolism has also been improved. Thereby blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other phenomena have been alleviated.

Ancient Chinese medical theory that: "personal often shaken the valley gas consumption, blood pass, disease can not be born immortal who is also still a door hinge." That is, increased activity of the nervous system can improve the function of the activities of other systems. Diabolo exercise on the gastrointestinal tract digestive system plays a mechanical stimulus to improve the blood circulation of the digestive tract and promote the role of digestion, prevent constipation, which is more important for the elderly.



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