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wo5v5v2010-02-09 23:01:16 +0000 #1
I am 178cm 85kg winter vacation is now about 2 months time to go to the gym to do the cards target is 2 months, thin 5-7kg ask how many calories I consume each day is probably good? Inside the gym aerobics which is suitable to me? (Mountain climbing machines, elliptical machines, treadmills, bicycles, spinning all)
absenteeism for three years2010-02-09 23:16:49 +0000 #2
Louzhu I can only say that on the first floor of the say idea, but too tired and everyone system is different from you consume The calorie is not with you but with your sports-related diet-related, I would simply tell you what you want to talk about so much thinner for two months is not impossible when certain hard, you have to adhere to the one-hour per day aerobic training, diet meals Eat more to do is to eat a tonne to 5 tons, but eat very little,
Kara De Nan wind people2010-02-09 23:50:53 +0000 #3
calories consumed each day is with your diet -

you want to lose weight therefore, your intake is less than consumption -

to you about this weight loss methods to ensure a minimum of 15 days under 3 kilograms of lean. During this time, must be strict demands on themselves, to quit before the favorite sweets, Sichuan Spicy, carbohydrates and so on. Love lazy people also need to ensure themselves a certain amount of exercise every day.

Second, also to ensure the body's protein intake: It can eat 150 grams for each meal of poultry meat (lean meat, beef is better), or 200 grams of meat, you can also substitute for the two to three eggs.
, Of course, but also eat 200 grams of vegetables, less oil discharge. In addition, to drink skim milk, according to the different individual appetite, you can selectively to drink two to four times in the morning. At the same time to pay attention to are: eat fruit. Summer Village People love to eat fruit instead of drinking water on the human body to add. During this time, in order to cope with weight loss, can only eat one fruit a day.

As the recipe does not contain carbohydrates in the diet the first 48 hours, the body may be the time interval between meals was very hungry. This is a normal reaction to the human body.

Appropriately increase the body's intake of protein or vegetables: breakfast, plus a cup of cereal and two pieces of whole wheat bread; or at lunch, an increase in consumption of 150 grams of starch-rich substances; dinner time, around 5 pm , eat some protein-rich foods, such as an egg (or a ham), with a tomato (or a bottle of yogurt, or an apple, or some cherries).

In the 15 days is over, insist on weight loss in the end people will be surprised by the small pot and arm, leg fat on unknowingly started to vanish, but also because of the increase in the intake of dairy products, face the skin will become more and more beautiful and delicate. This recipe can be brought about in the short term to their own good results, but not suitable for long-term use, if long-term non-intake of carbohydrates, the body will be a shortage of sugar. Therefore, this recipe each time you use no more than 2 months.

Diet plus exercise is done well better the effect of weight loss doubled, another 10 million can not rely on weight-loss weight-loss drug, relying on the number of weight-loss drug has a negative effect on the body, more exercise will naturally lose weight, but also to increase its own immune Power! You take a look at this bar, very simple but will receive good results.

Lower abdomen exercise to lose weight

Method 1: sit-ups

A: lying down, legs bent and your hands folded behind his head, just like doing sit-ups to prepare for that position.

B: in order to lower abdomen as the mid-point, or carry a from upper body, legs moving forward at the same time has shrunk until the elbows hit your feet. (This position looks like a huddled, when ideas should be concentrated in the lower abdomen at)

C: back to the original position, repeat the above steps and 30.

Do not look down on this method, do not think 10 would be a small pain, so that 30 would be sweat.

Method 2:

A: straight sitting, feet close together to before the straight. hands folded behind.

B: body backward tilt, and lift straight legs close together. the body to form V-.

C: Action for 10 seconds and repeat movement 10 times.

more Methods pick any one to do, most people think that the second method the most comprehensive and the first approach is the most effective, and the third method, the highest technical content.

in the gym, the dynamic consumption of calorie cycling is the best sport

If you In accordance with the above diet, you only need to consume 180 calories a day enough to make you two each month minus 5-7 kg
vegetable fields and then2010-02-10 00:22:57 +0000 #4
treadmill, the best swimming, ah, or diet more.



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